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11/07/21 7:00pm
Columnist Yomi Abdi argues that Penn needs a more unified approach to PennOpen Pass, else they should get rid of it.
11/05/21 1:09pm
Columnist Emily Chang argues that Penn must do more to ensure the condition of its dorms
11/03/21 10:10pm
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi argues that every Penn student should take an economics class to become more politically literate.
11/02/21 9:42pm
Columnist Jesse Zhang discusses how we should assume the best of people in order to have meaningful conversations.
10/31/21 7:01pm
Columnist Joseph M. Squillaro argues that it's time to retire video conferencing unless absolutely necessary to return to a more social time.
10/31/21 10:26am
Columnist Allison Santa-Cruz reflects on the role of gratitude in the transition to college life.
10/31/21 10:24am
Columnist Jay Sekhsaria argues that some professors over rely on digital teaching aids, negatively effecting instruction.
10/29/21 8:46pm
Columnist Vinay Khosla argues that companies have maliciously shifted much of the blame for environmental damage on us.
10/28/21 7:34pm
Columnist Asaad Manzar discusses the state of mental health support and resources for people of color on campus.
10/26/21 11:23pm
Columnist Artur Vllahiu argues that Penn's liberal arts education does little to encourage students to challenge the status quo and create radical change.
10/25/21 1:27am
Columnist Caroline Magdolen argues that Penn's replacement for Penn InTouch will do little to improve the fundamental issues with Penn's academic and advising systems.
10/24/21 5:02pm
Columnists Andy Yoon and Emily Chang argue that Penn must bridge the resource divide between Wharton and the other undergraduate schools.
10/19/21 11:45am
Columnist Joseph Squillaro discusses how to deal with the fear and anxiety that comes with catching pseudo-COVID-19.
10/18/21 9:44pm
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi discusses how local politics are both more impactful and less partisan than national politics.
10/17/21 9:41pm
Columnist Liali Sofi reflects on the demographics of friend groups on campus and how we can build more mixed communites.
10/12/21 10:33am
Columnist Yomi Abdi writes about the racialized nature of Penn’s party scene and how it leaves people of color out.
10/11/21 4:35pm
Columnist Jaden Cloobeck discusses how to navigate the maze that is finding new housing for a school year.
10/11/21 4:19pm
Columnist Allison Santa-Cruz discusses changes that can be made to improve Penn's college housing.
10/09/21 11:02am
Columnist Surayya Walters discusses how to find happiness without a return offer.
10/06/21 11:49pm
Columnist Daniel Andre Gurevitch reflects on gratitude and memories after his grandmother was critically injured in a hit-and-run.