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Occupy Movement

10/24/11 9:28pm

Administration, activists explain Huntsman Hall building entry

Protesters entered Huntsman Hall on Oct. 21, at about 4:00 p.m., despite plans between activist group organizers and the Division of Public Safety to stay out of the building. TOPICS: Occupy movementGALLERY: 62 photos of Cantor protest
10/24/11 1:30am
Read a first-person account of Friday’s Occupy Eric Cantor demonstration.
10/24/11 1:27am

Your Voice | Graduate student statement of solidarity

More than 100 Penn graduate students express support for the Occupy movement express solidarity with the Occupy movement.
10/22/11 3:28pm

Your Voice | Cantor's cancellation

Readers sound off on Eric Cantor’s speech cancellation and the protest surrounding it. ERIC CANTOR: Wharton remarks, as prepared for delivery CHARLES GRAY: Get better, not bitter
10/22/11 1:53am
Yesterday, we missed an opportunity to hear Eric Cantor talk about the solution to the problems our nation faces.
10/21/11 7:35pm
In the aftermath of demonstrators storming campus after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor canceled his Friday appearance at Huntsman Hall, Penn students reflected on the protest hitting close to home. VIDEO: ‘Occupy Eric Cantor’ERIC CANTOR: Wharton remarks, as prepared for deliveryGALLERY: 62 photos of Cantor protest at Huntsman HallTOPICS: Occupy movement
10/21/11 2:48pm
Check out how people responded to the news online. RELATED: Eric Cantor cancels Huntsman Hall visit
10/21/11 2:32pm

Eric Cantor | Wharton remarks, as prepared for delivery

Read the speech that the House Majority Leader had prepared for his Wharton Leadership Lecture.
10/21/11 1:38pm
After House Majority Leader Eric Cantor canceled his Wharton Leadership Lecture slated for Friday afternoon, protesters congregated on campus, chanting inside and outside Huntsman Hall and prompting increased security efforts. VIDEO: Protesters in Huntsman Hall GALLERY: Photos of protesters on campus REACTION: Online response to Cantor’s cancellation
10/21/11 1:21am

Editorial | Protests and privilege

The Occupy movement compels us to consider the meaning of our elite education. TOPICS: Occupy Philadelphia
10/21/11 1:03am

Penn prepares for Eric Cantor protesters

Friday afternoon, an estimated 500-1,000 protesters will stand outside Huntsman Hall while House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) speaks to the Penn community about income inequality in his Wharton Leadership Lecture.
10/20/11 11:13pm

Penn admins encourage student involvement in Occupy Philadelphia

Along with several undergraduate deans, Penn President Amy Gutmann said she has been pleased to see students participating in the Occupy Philadelphia protests — which began as an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street — and contributing to an ongoing dialogue on the future of the nation.
10/20/11 1:05am
The Kelly Writers House monthly Speakeasy provided a venue for students and community members to voice opinions about the movement inspired by Occupy Wall Street. TOPICS: Occupy Philadelphia
10/19/11 11:31pm

Occupy movement may be relocated due to construction

Occupy Philadelphia’s tent village continues to grow outside City Hall, despite the city’s plans to begin construction of an ice skating rink in the lower plaza in mid-November. TOPICS: Occupy Philadelphia
10/19/11 1:00am

Your Voice | A simplistic and self-serving explanation

John LaVoy of the Educational Opportunity Center criticizes Charles Gray’s recent column on the roots of the financial crisis.
10/19/11 12:31am
Most Penn students live in a different reality from those at the heart of the Occupy Wall Street protests. In order to fairly assess the movement, we have to step into this other reality.
10/18/11 11:26pm

'Occupy Eric Cantor' protesters will march to Huntsman Hall

Protesters are demonstrating against House of Representatives Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who will be speaking at Penn on Friday as part of the Wharton Leadership Lecture Series. TOPICS: Occupy movement
10/18/11 12:10am
The problem with Penn professors’ Occupy Wall Street solidarity statement is that it takes what happened in a few months in 2008 and uses it to explain the entire financial crisis.
10/17/11 1:40am

Map: Occupy around the Ivies

View Occupy Philly around the Ivies in a larger map
10/16/11 11:46pm
Penn professors’ recent solidarity statement concerning the Occupy Wall Street movement misguides the aim of the protests.