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Occupy Movement

Occupy Wall Street began Sept. 17 in New York’s financial center as a reaction against social and economic inequalities, spreading throughout the nation and the world. One instance of the movement is Occupy Philadelphia, which "began Oct. 6 at City Hall":/index.php/article/2011/10/occupy_philly_protest_kicks_off and has seen some involvement from Penn students and faculty. Occupy Philadelphia protesters have set up a tent village in Dilworth Plaza and plan to camp out indefinitely, despite preexisting "construction plans that would require protesters to move": Demonstrators "marched to Huntsman Hall":/index.php/article/2011/10/cantor_cancels_huntsman_hall_visit on Friday, Oct. 21 in the form of Occupy Eric Cantor. Cantor, the House Majority Leader, canceled his appearance at a Wharton Leadership Lecture on Oct. 21, but protesters still flocked to campus, even storming into Huntsman before security escorted them out. A separate group, "OccupyPenn, has also formed":, holding teach-ins and other events around campus. Mayor Michael Nutter announced that Philadelphia would change its previously accommodating stance toward Occupy Philadelphia after a woman "reported being raped on Nov. 12": “We’re re-evaluating our entire relationship,” Nutter told the press. In New York, police entered Occupy Wall Street’s Zuccotti Park site in the early morning of Nov. 15, using zip-tie handcuffs, spraying fire extinguishers and evacuating the 100 or so protesters present. Police announced that “the city [had] determined that the continued occupation of Zuccotti Park poses an increasing health and fire safety hazard.” In the early morning of Nov. 30 — three days after an eviction deadline set by Mayor and 1976 Wharton graduate Michael Nutter — police "cleared Center City’s Dilworth Plaza":, where Occupy Philadelphia protesters have been encamped for two months. Four Penn students and a professor were "among the 52 arrested": in protesters' ensuing march around Center City. 23177_11302011_occupypolicestation171o.jBEN BRODIE | BUY PHOTOS » School of Social Policy and Practice professor Toorjo Ghose addresses the media after being released from jail on Nov. 30. Read more » Occupy PhiladelphiaJUSTIN COHEN | BUY PHOTOS » A protester yells into a megaphone outside Huntsman Hall after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor cancelled a planned lecture on Oct. 21. Read more » h2. Multimedia h3. *Into November* • "Video: Students react to Occupy Philadelphia raid": • "Photos: OccupyPenn teach-in": • "Photos: Occupy Philly protests Romney fundraiser": h3. *'Occupy Eric Cantor'* • "Video recap of 'Occupy Eric Cantor'": • "62 photos of the protest at Penn": • "Video: Protesters storm Huntsman Hall": • "Online reactions to Cantor's cancellation": h3. *The early stages* • "Video: What do students think of the movement?":/index.php/multimedia/22123 • "Video: Protesters' takes on what Occupy Philly is about":/index.php/multimedia/22056 • "Map: Occupy Philly camp":/index.php/article/2011/10/map_occupy_philly_camp • "88 photos of the first day of occupation":/index.php/gallery/occupy_philadelphia_protest_at_city_hall • "Tweets from around Occupy Philadelphia":/index.php/blog/redandblue/2011/10/occupy_philly_tweets

07/04/12 4:02pm
The Occupy Wall Street movement returned in full force to Philadelphia for its first national gathering, which included five days of workshops, speakers and marches.
03/26/12 12:06am

Occupy movement and 99% Declaration group plan summer conventions

The 99% Declaration group and the Occupy movement are both planning national conventions this summer, but the groups differ in their philosophies toward governmental change.
03/18/12 10:48pm

Grad student arrested in Center City after protesting Department of Public Health proposal

29 year old graduate students Khadijah White was arrested in Center City on March 15 on charges of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and harassment when she and others protested a Department of Public Health proposal that would require organizations to get training and permits to distribute food to the public.
02/16/12 8:17pm
Nate Kleinman, a member of Occupy Philadelphia, will run in the Democratic primary for the House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s 13th district, which includes northeast Philadelphia.
01/30/12 9:30pm
The City broke ground Monday on a $50-million renovation of Dilworth Plaza, the public square west of City Hall that was formerly the site of the Occupy Philadelphia encampment. INTERACTIVE: Dilworth Plaza Construction
01/24/12 11:31pm

'DP' peeks into Occupy General Assembly meeting

We take a behind the scenes look at the proceedings of Occupy Philly.
01/24/12 12:23am
The ongoing movement against mountaintop removal took a big leap yesterday by securing a private meeting with top PNC Bank executives.
01/18/12 11:11pm

Occupy movement remains active on campus, in city

Both OccupyPenn and Occupy Philadelphia claim that they will maintain their momentum through the winter months.
01/17/12 12:43am

Occupy movement marches on MLK Day in recognition of wealth inequality

The event, which was organized by the Occupy Philadelphia Labor Working Group, consisted of a rally, a march and inspirational presentations from guest speakers. GALLERY: Penn celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day
01/13/12 12:25am

Arrested Occupy protesters' next court date set for April 26

Lawyers gathered at the Philadelphia municipal court on Thursday in a status hearing to determine the next trial date for 30 of the 52 people arrested during the Occupy Philadelphia protests on Nov. 30.
01/10/12 11:34pm

Court case closed against Penn students arrested at Occupy Philadelphia

This morning, the Philadelphia municipal court closed the cases related College junior Moshe Bitterman and College sophomore Emma Johnson’s arrests at Occupy Philadelphia on Nov. 30.
12/07/11 12:50am

Despite signs of fading, Occupiers hold strong

Even though Occupy Philadelphia’s physical protest has been disassembled, its participants say the movement is considering creating a national conference at Penn.
12/06/11 9:55pm

Arrested Penn Occupiers have preliminary hearings

Preliminary hearings were held yesterday for the five members of the Penn community who were arrested in the Occupy Philadelphia protests on Nov. 30.
12/02/11 1:26am
Occupy Philadelphia’s eviction from Dilworth Plaza Wednesday morning has sparked a question central to its future — can the movement be sustained now that it no longer has a physical place to occupy? RELATED: Penn prof recounts time in jailTOPICS: Occupy movement
12/01/11 2:34am

Penn occupiers freed after jail stay

Fifty-two people were arrested following a police raid of Center City’s Dilworth Plaza early Wednesday morning to evict Occupy Philadelphia protesters, including a Penn professor and four students. RELATED: OccupyPenn shows solidarity following arrestsVIDEO: What do you think of the Occupy eviction?EDITORIAL: A change of occupation
12/01/11 1:19am

Editorial | A change of occupation

Now that the circumstances of Occupy Philadelphia have shifted, the movement itself must shift as well.
11/30/11 11:03pm
After Occupy Philadelphia’s encampment was evicted by police on Wednesday morning, over 75 people gathered at a teach-in outside Van Pelt Library.
11/30/11 1:13am
At least four Penn students and a faculty member were among about 50 people arrested this morning following a police raid of Center City’s Dilworth Plaza.
11/29/11 10:18pm
Occupy Philadelphia protesters will march to campus Wednesday to hear City University of New York Graduate Center professor David Harvey speak about their movement.
11/28/11 12:18am
There exists no right that permits a group of citizens to permanently “occupy” public space.