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Letters To The Editor

02/15/12 12:48am

Your Voice | Fact checking BDS claims

BDS is not promoting dialogue.
02/14/12 1:28am

Your Voice | Reclaiming 'The Vagina Monologues'

The use of the vagina suit may indeed bring a small amount of shock value but in the greater service of beginning a discussion — about their vaginas and perhaps about a host of other issues.
02/14/12 1:20am

Your Voice | Questioning unfettered free speech

The Penn Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions conference last week was odious and Penn’s decision to host it in the name of unfettered free speech is questionable.
02/09/12 11:00pm

Your Voice | A 'chilling account' of a teen mob

I was horrified to read Brian Goldman’s chilling account of his assault at the hands of a gang of teenagers in busy and bustling Center City on a Saturday night.
02/09/12 10:16pm

Your Voice | Our Cambodian neighbors

Not far from campus are several neighborhoods that are home to the survivors of the horrific Cambodian genocide.
02/09/12 12:29am

Your Voice | BDS a ‘tool’ to challenge racial inequality

BDS is a tool that challenges racial inequality, dispossession, displacement and genocidal violence.
02/02/12 11:24pm

Your Voice | A civil discourse

It is troubling to see my own alma mater faculty is resorting to hateful discourse.
02/02/12 11:19pm

Your Voice | A letter to Penn President Amy Gutmann

I urge you to be resolute in your defense of Penn’s reputation as a place where the BDS movement’s lies and agenda will find no quarter.
02/02/12 12:22am

Your Voice | Promoting a pluralism of ideas

With no evidence whatsoever, and in direct contradiction to everything we’ve ever said or written, Gur designates our student group “genocidal” and equates our upcoming conference with Nazi anti-Semitism.
02/02/12 12:03am

Your Voice | Choosing words wisely

As scholars, we demonstrate how to carefully assess historical analogies rather than deploy them for rhetorical advantage.
02/01/12 11:59pm

Your Voice | Protecting speech we may not like

Penn President Amy Gutmann and Chair of the Board of Trustees David L. Cohen address the upcoming Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions conference.
02/01/12 1:48am

Your Voice | 'Brazen lies' behind BDS

Penn is now witnessing another phase of the Arab War Against Israel. The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign is designed to isolate and restrict Israel in every way. Its goal is the destruction of Israel.
01/24/12 1:04am

Your Voice | Misplaced blame for New Orleans

Two New Orleans residents remind readers of the engineering failures that complicated Hurricane Katrina’s legacy.
01/13/12 12:29am

Your Voice | Think twice about tokenism

A Van Pelt Library clerk writes a letter shedding light on the problem with tokenism in conversations about Israel.
01/11/12 12:10am

Shlomo Klapper | BDS: Bigoted Double Standards

By withholding the university’s imprimatur from BDS and its boycotts, President Gutmann reflects the Penn community’s strong and long-established ties with Israel.
12/08/11 1:40am

Your Voice | Halting the racism cycle

Based on Penn’s history, it is clear that action must be taken to halt the continuous cycle of racism.
12/05/11 12:27am

Your Voice | Note from a ‘happy smoker’

A reader defends his right to light up in response to a column by Dan Bernick about creating a smoke-free campus.
11/30/11 1:27am

Your Voice | Correct, don’t amplify, the problem

A Ph.D. student writes a letter stating that Wharton students should question the country’s wealth disparity.
11/18/11 12:11am

Your Voice | Concerns with PNC Bank

Campus groups write a letter to the editor expressing their concerns with the financial relationship between Penn and PNC Bank.
11/17/11 12:11am

Your Voice | Occupy our statements, financial and political

A College senior writes that Penn President Amy Gutmann’s $1.3M salary disgrace to those workers on this campus whose annual salary is $13,000.