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When my husband got his Ph.D. from Penn in 1972, the Arab War Against Israel, in academia, was just beginning. By funding Fellowships and Chairs, those malleable or sympathetic to Arab anti-Israel bias were rewarded and promoted. It became legitimate and acceptable to single out Israel for ongoing criticism. This prejudice greatly influenced those on campus and increased numbers of anti-Israel (“pro-Palestinian”) students.

Penn is now witnessing another phase of the Arab War Against Israel. The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign is designed to isolate and restrict Israel in every way. Its goal is the destruction of Israel.

No Israeli people or products are to be welcomed — Boycott, no economic support or investments in Israel is to be allowed — Divestment and Israel would have no right to defend itself against attacks ­ — Sanctions.

BDS is built on a brazen lie. The stories and pictures fed to the public are carefully crafted — all to “prove” that Israel is usurper, occupier, human-rights abuser. Facts don’t support this — but facts don’t surface when one side controls all. Opposing speakers are shouted down and prevented from speaking, history is rewritten and token Jews are used to “authenticate” anti-Israel claims. BDS is a case study in “bearing false witness.”

The Storm Troopers of the anti-Jewish or anti-Israel BDS campaign are coming to your campus. They want your support. Don’t give it to them. They are not proposing peace or coexistence, they are selling hate.

Roberta E. Dzubow is the spouse of a 1972 Penn graduate. She is from Plymouth Meeting,P.A.

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