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03/19/21 2:21am
The impending departure of David Eng, a professor of the Asian American Studies Program, is leaving community members with a sinking feeling about the entire future of Asian American Studies at Penn.
03/19/21 1:50am
“This corresponds to a very long history in this country of the way it has treated Asians and Asian American women in particular,” English professor and Director of the Asian American Studies Program Josephine Park said.
03/19/21 12:50am
The Consortium offers free COVID-19 vaccines to Philadelphians who are eligible under Phase 1B of vaccine distribution and live in the hardest-hit zip codes. 
03/19/21 12:25am
The Daily Pennsylvania's Executive Editor, Ashley Ahn, condemns the fatal shooting of six Asian women in the Atlanta area.
03/17/21 4:23pm
Yesterday's incident follows an increase in incidents of discrimination and violence directed against Asian and Asian Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
03/15/21 2:26am
After one year of the pandemic, first-generation, low-income students are still facing a variety of challenges — some of which they say stem from Penn's high-pressure culture and a lack of institutional support from the University. 
03/09/21 1:16am
American Civil Liberties Union Deputy Legal Director Cecillia Wang analyzed the recent rise in hate crimes against the Asian American Pacific Islander community at a virtual event on Monday. 
03/04/21 2:06am
Panelists discussed the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on students of color and low-income students who may not have access to resources crucial to remote learning.
03/04/21 1:42am
Sixty percent of survey respondents who identified as African American or Black reported that someone once claimed their racial identity unfairly contributed to their acceptance to the Engineering School, in comparison to 7.81% of Asian and 7.58% of white respondents.
02/28/21 11:54pm
Multiple posts levy accusations against Penn’s Chemistry Department, leading the department to apologize to certain students for their "negative experiences" related to the department, but the University as a whole has taken no such steps. 
02/28/21 11:51pm
Comprised of print books, e-books, videos, and streamable audio, the list of librarian-recommended resources aims to help students explore the works and lives of Black Americans. 
02/26/21 12:19am
University Architect Mark Kocent said several new all-gender bathrooms have been built in the past year, and more renovations to incorporate all-gender bathrooms into buildings' designs are underway.
02/18/21 3:00am
In honor of Black History Month, The Daily Pennsylvanian interviewed several Black business owners who shared the challenges they faced as Black entrepreneurs — and the perseverance behind their journey. 
02/17/21 1:59am
4thWave aims to publish a zine every semester featuring poetry, prose, and visual art from people who are underrepresented in feminist spaces.
02/17/21 1:21am
In his book, titled "Love, God," Gabriel Angrand discusses the importance of humility to combating social issues.
02/15/21 1:19am
At the panel Penn Law School professor Dorothy Roberts proposed incremental steps to reform the criminal justice system.
02/10/21 11:22pm
Cortes' chief objectives are to implement programming that connects Penn's Latinx community with the greater Philadelphia Latinx community, and also to turn the cultural center into a Black affirming space so all students can feel welcome. 
02/05/21 12:59am
The P1P office covers 2,538 square feet of space and features study spaces, meeting rooms for one-on-one advising sessions, and lounge areas. 
01/29/21 12:37am
After spending three years in the attic on the third floor of the Greenfield Intercultural Center, the FGLI library will now operate through a new arrangement with Penn Libraries. 
01/29/21 12:25am
Professor Anne Berg, who teaches history, was serving as a legal observer when a police officer lunged at her and struck her with a baton.