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Guest Columns

06/02/20 2:31pm
Help them understand the underlying issues and get involved. Respond to their posts to engage in meaningful conversations.
06/01/20 9:34pm
As non-black people of color, Asian Americans do not share the trauma of the black community and cannot dismiss their pain. 
06/01/20 8:13pm
While social media feeds have been bombarded with tweets and Instagram stories in solidarity with the Black community, these efforts are not enough.
05/31/20 4:26pm
As privileged people, we must stop expecting oppressed groups to educate us, to accommodate us, or to be civil toward us.
05/27/20 8:00pm
Technology and surveillance methods are ingrained in the problem of social disparities.
05/24/20 5:49pm
We hold a responsibility to think about the critical issues faced in our home countries, and find ways to confront them, even while at Penn.
05/21/20 10:17pm
It’s natural for us to construct echo chambers by choosing what circles we choose to interact with, and this phenomenon has only been exacerbated by our move to a virtual world.
05/20/20 9:07pm
I, too, was anticipating Senior Week, Commencement, and all the last goodbyes we never got to say. But after everything that has happened, my doubts about taking a “scenic route” instead of the expressway to my goals have vanished. 
05/20/20 3:06pm
To the Class of 2020, I want to express my deepest gratitude for the contributions you have made, and for giving me an opportunity to learn with you and from you. 
05/19/20 3:21pm
Penn is still not perfect, but it’s filled with perfect places. 
05/15/20 8:14pm
Ever since Penn first announced there would be no in-person ceremonies this year, I have been thinking about what graduation means as a first-generation, low-income student, and what it means for my family. 
05/15/20 2:07pm
My graduation from Penn coincides with Eric Jacobs’ retirement from the DP after four decades as general manager. From the start of my time at Penn, I’ve known Eric to be the DP’s guiding light. 
05/14/20 4:04pm
By voting in the upcoming primary election, students at Penn will be able to make a difference in who represents our communities in Congress and the state legislature. One person, one vote is perpetually under threat and this year is no different, if not more than ever before.
05/08/20 8:57pm
I’m writing to wish you luck in your finals but to also put everything in context for you as well.  As a Penn undergraduate student, I remember how stressful the finals period was and I’m imagining that in this virtual environment, this stress is likely amplified. 
05/08/20 6:51pm
Pinning responsibility on China is using them as a scapegoat, and the Trump administration cannot afford to live in the past when there are such pressing concerns in the present and the future.
05/08/20 1:24am
In this time, we graduate student-workers at Penn find ourselves wishing more than ever that we had a union to represent us in ongoing campus-wide conversations that affect all our futures.
05/07/20 3:10pm
For both students and faculty, being on campus means so much more than covering the content of facts and formulas.
05/06/20 3:01pm
By voting for Rick, you are supporting leadership vital in today’s pandemic and necessary for Philadelphia’s future. 
04/30/20 2:20pm
By using the PPA to proclaim itself a champion of sustainability, Penn is greenwashing the areas of its operations that are, and will continue to be, socially and environmentally harmful.
04/29/20 5:00pm
The two most important aspects that need to be fulfilled in order to accommodate all Penn undergraduates are to allow the option to have letter grades and to mitigate the effects of circumstantial inequality. The best way to approach this problem is by having a Double-A grading policy, in which students are guaranteed an A-, or a double-A/fail policy, in which passing a course awards at least an A-.