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Guest Columns

03/21/20 3:34pm
Missing graduation this May is going to be terrible. Social distancing is not going to be easy. But if what we must endure for the coming months saves even one life, then it will be worth it.
03/21/20 3:21pm
More than ever before, we also need a leader capable of guiding our country and restoring our democracy. That Democrat at the top of the ticket will be Joe Biden, and Penn Dems is proud and excited to endorse him. 
03/17/20 12:14pm
As members of Penn Student Government, we hope to advocate for the needs of those most vulnerable in our community at this time.
03/16/20 6:36pm
I was feeling a lot of things — a strange cocktail of sadness, sentimentality, bitterness, and anger. Originally, a lot of that anger was directed at Penn and other universities.
03/13/20 11:28pm
Right now, this period may seem like a difficult, uncertain time. But looking back at the past three years, I know we have the power to decide how these moments will become meaningful.
03/13/20 10:20pm
Know the facts and stay informed. When making efforts to prevent the spread of a pandemic, we must also prevent the spread of misinformation and violence.
03/13/20 8:50pm
If you felt panic rather than inconvenience after getting the University’s sparse response to the virus or identify with one of the above categories, as I did, I have good news for you.
03/04/20 8:52pm
Amid this uncertainty, any travel, domestic or international could heighten your risk of exposure.
03/04/20 11:13am
Following recovery from my own battle with an eating disorder, I feel a personal duty to help others suffering from this illness in any way possible.
03/02/20 2:04am
Whether or not you believe Fresh Grocer was rightfully closed, we must use its closure as a way to discuss how we can foster better community engagement once we step off of Locust Walk.
02/23/20 8:04pm
Nurses have a responsibility to understand what proper nutrition means and how to impart this knowledge to their patients.
02/14/20 11:10pm
For these reasons, and from our own experiences, we see the opportunity provided by the Biological Chemistry Seminar Coordinator position to be one that allows for both personal and professional growth, particularly for women, rather than one that is merely administrative.
02/14/20 11:05pm
At a press conference in Huntsman Hall on Feb. 13, I, alongside Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, announced March for Our Lives’ Pennsylvania Peace Plan.
02/11/20 8:30pm
This project reflects a well-intentioned effort from the UA to respond to student needs and increase campus wellness. However, this shuttle service is not the best way to accomplish these goals.
02/09/20 7:31pm
In order to be impactful, wellness measures must be adapted to fit within students’ existing incentive structures, and that means integrating them within students’ existing commitments.
02/05/20 9:46pm
The issues that Bernie Sanders speaks to reflect important contemporary challenges, but his heavy-handed government solutions would further bankrupt the nation and dim opportunity for those who need it most. 
02/05/20 2:01pm
In academia, women first experience this culture of differentiating tasks between men and women within the classroom, originating in the way professors view and treat their students.
02/02/20 7:21pm
Penn students have the potential to play a significant role in the fate of the state of Pennsylvania and the nation as a whole, and we should help unleash this potential. 
01/31/20 7:49pm
As former ICE director Homan stated during his talk, “walls work,” especially here at Penn when members of the University actively kept us out.
01/29/20 12:17pm
Suggesting that Penn remove the very little public communications infrastructure it has left completely ignores the people who rely on it.