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Guest Columns

02/16/24 6:00am
Guest Columnist Jonathan Klick comments on the petition to re-center Penn hiring and admissions on academic values as opposed to ideology and demographic diversity. 
02/01/24 6:00am
Guest Columnist and former Chair of Penn’s Board of Trustees Scott Bok calls for difficult questions to be answered before launching a search for the University’s next president.
01/29/24 11:06am
Guest Columnist Sam Rudovsky responds to Penn Professor Claire Finkelstein's op-ed in The Washington Post.
01/28/24 11:39am
Guest Columnist Nili Gold recounts her experience on the recent Penn faculty trip to Israel.
01/26/24 6:00am
Guest Columnist Omar Khoury recounts the hate he felt eight years ago by a prominent member of Penn’s community.
01/23/24 8:04pm
Guest Columnist Abdulrahman Bindamnan argues ‎that the resignation of Liz Magill was bad news for free ‎speech.  ‎
01/18/24 6:00am
Penn Faculty for Justice in Palestine writes to announce their formation: a collective of those who support the teaching and research mission of the University, including faculty, lecturers, staff, and graduate employees.
12/08/23 10:00am
Several Penn alumni reflect on Penn’s response to recent events, including the Palestine Writes Literature Festival, the ongoing Israel-Gaza war, the withholding of alumni donations, and responses from Penn’s administration to these ongoing crises. 
12/07/23 9:17pm
Guest Columnist Jason Hagler argues that Penn’s current climate plan is the climate change equivalent of “hopes and prayers.” We need to hold the university to higher standards, because if the university actually tried, it could make a difference. 
11/28/23 12:02am
Leftist Jewish student group Penn Chavurah argues that Penn has censored the screening of the film Israelism this fall, demonstrating Penn’s disregard for free speech, Jewish safety, and Palestinian human rights. 
11/15/23 11:17pm
Guest Columnist Evan Golinsky identifies dangerous indifference present in the Palestinian liberation narrative on campus and suggests how effective discourse can be achieved in spite of this. 
11/13/23 10:50pm
Guest Columnist Selma Farsakh describes walking down Locust as a person who has lived in Israel-Palestine.  
11/02/23 11:08pm
Guest Columnist David J. Shapiro argues that the University’s response to the Palestine Writes Literature Festival and the pro-Palestine rallies calling for “resistance” and “revolution” demonstrate that Professor Wax is the victim of selective prosecution and an insidious double standard. 
11/02/23 4:53pm
Penn Democrats urge the Penn community to vote on Nov. 7 in light of recent United States Supreme Court decisions and efforts to dismantle our fundamental rights.   
10/30/23 9:06pm
Former Columnist Alex Baxter reflects on the past month’s impacts on Penn’s sense of unity, and urges the community to stand up for justice. 
10/27/23 10:24am
Guest Columnist Lala Mustafa explains the history of the Azerbaijani people in Nagorno-Karabakh in light of recent conflict in the region.
10/25/23 9:30pm
Guest Columnist Benjamin Nathans explains why Liz Magill should not resign and calls on Penn not to fall victim to a hostile takeover that limits free speech and debate. 
10/20/23 7:43am
Guest columnist Daniel Gurevitch discusses the importance of finding hope during today’s situation in Israel and Gaza, emphasizing the importance of trusted collaboration and the interdependence of people.  
10/19/23 11:07pm
Former columnist David Koff shares a story from his undergraduate experience in the 1990s, when a controversial speaker accused of antisemitism was allowed to speak on Penn’s campus. 
10/18/23 11:51pm
Guest Columnists Vincent Kelley and George Borg argue that Penn's COVID-19 vaccine mandates created an environment of fear and coercion on campus.