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Guest Columns

05/19/22 9:07pm
Julia Esposito, former 34th Street writer, contemplates the struggles of coping with rejection and encourages students to seek internal validation. 
05/03/22 4:56pm
Guest columnist Sarah Asfari describes the experience of being a racial minority without equal access to resources or proper visibility. 
04/29/22 7:01pm
Guest columnist Belinda Kumi argues that CAPS needs to have better immediate services after her disappointing encounter with the organization about grief. 
04/27/22 3:40pm
Forty-nine Penn faculty members express their concern that administrators called a group of students to a disciplinary meeting after their participation in FFP’s encampment on campus last week petitioning Penn to support climate justice.
04/25/22 11:05am
A former fraternity member calls attention to Ivy League “bro culture,” advocating for reformation instead of abolition. 
04/22/22 12:07pm
Guest Columnist Jack Nycz argues that Penn should not be offering financial compensation for unfilled Greek houses given the organizations’ exclusivity and problematic history. 
04/20/22 12:16am
Guest columnist Robin Panzarella describes the struggles student-athletes at Penn face with no standardized course absence policy. 
03/26/22 2:49pm
Undergraduate Assembly New Student Representative Emma Shockley provides a comprehensive guide to food at University of Pennsylvania. 
03/21/22 10:45am
Guest Columnist Robert Watson encourages students to work together while adapting to Penn’s new masking guidance. 
03/16/22 8:35am
Guest Columnist Naveen Albert argues that discrepancies in broadband access in Penn's dorms puts students on an uneven playing field, and Penn must address these inequities. 
02/25/22 11:10am
Guest columnist Sean Deresh argues that a campus-wide shift to LED lighting at Penn would be a crucial step towards refining the University’s sustainable development.
02/23/22 7:49pm
Columnist Timethius J. Terrell urges predominantly white universities to reconsider their often ineffective approaches towards diversity, equity, and inclusion, using Beyonce’s “Black Is King” as a reference.
02/23/22 8:44am
Guest columnist Amjad Hamza argues that Penn students and current donors should redirect their donations to the world’s most effective causes. 
02/16/22 8:27am
Columnists Isabella Glassman and Vinay Khosla discuss the importance of cross-class interactions from an upperclassmen and underclassmen’s perspective.
02/09/22 7:49pm
Columnist Bridget Yu encourages us to open up the dialogue regarding suicide more and refrain from taking the subject lightly. 
01/25/22 9:00pm
In a guest column, 16 law organizations explain why Lia Thomas and all other transgender athletes deserve to be able to compete in women's sports. 
01/23/22 7:49pm
Guest columnists from the Coalition to Save the UC Townhomes underscore the racism of Penn-trification and urge Penn students and administrators to act now to address the housing crisis in University City.
01/14/22 2:41pm
Guest columnist Stacey Bevan discusses why current federal policies surrounding paid family leave need serious reform. 
01/13/22 8:06pm
Guest columnist Hallie Swanson argues that remote learning was a disaster that Penn should never return to again. 
12/11/21 1:19pm
In a guest column, the cofounders of Hindus for Human Rights discuss their support for the Dismantling Global Hindutva conference.