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08/03/20 1:56am
Some dining employees feel like they do not have the ability to decline their return offers if they want to continue to provide for their families.
08/02/20 6:36pm
One in 10 Black and Hispanic pregnant women tested positive for exposure to the virus, while only one in 50 white pregnant women and one in 100 Asian women had the same results.
08/01/20 8:20pm
It shouldn’t be uncommon to know your neighbors, and it shouldn’t be uncommon to extend kindness to everyone in your community. 
07/31/20 6:48pm
Friday's announcement comes as a shift from The Wharton School's initial plan for a hybrid fall semester. Newly appointed dean Erika James announced the MBA program change to students in a town hall meeting Friday morning. 
07/31/20 1:29pm
While colleges across the nation are reversing their fall plans, the University continues to stand by its initial hybrid instruction model. The vast majority of undergraduate fall classes will be held online, the statement read, with very few in-person offerings. 
07/31/20 9:11am
Asbestos is a silicone mineral widely used as an insulator until it was banned in 1970 for emitting toxic fibers. Half a century later, predominantly Black and Brown public schools are still plagued by the harmful carcinogen. 
07/31/20 4:33am
On Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a viral video featuring medical professionals stating misleading information about the coronavirus pandemic and labeled it as a “must watch!!!" Hours later, Twitter suspended his account for 12 hours for violating "Twitter Rules."
07/31/20 1:09am
As the reopening phases progress, Campus Recreation will increase hours, group exercise programming, services, and access to other indoor facilities such as squash, indoor tennis, and the Fox Fitness Center.
07/31/20 12:30am
Carlos de la Fuente anticipates his testing model will be produced at cheaper costs and offer faster results than current tests.  
07/31/20 12:03am
The Board of Education approved the revised reopening plan in a seven to one vote on Thursday afternoon.
07/30/20 11:48pm
Without strict oversight, students worry a surge in cases could occur, yet students fear strict oversight and individual reporting could create a divisive campus culture. 
07/30/20 1:04am
The Compact expects students to adhere to a set of public health and safety measures, including practicing strict physical distancing and using facial coverings for two weeks before returning to campus before classes start on Sept. 1. 
07/30/20 12:03am
The "COVID-19 Return to Campus Guide for Penn Faculty and Staff," released in mid-July, was developed by a 20-member committee comprised of faculty and staff from various University departments.
07/29/20 3:15am
Students unable to return home were able to fill out an online form requesting to remain on campus. Approximately 450 students received approvals, while thousands of other residents rapidly left campus en masse.
07/29/20 12:42am
University spokesperson Stephen MacCarthy declined to say whether Penn is considering a change to a fully online semester or not.
07/28/20 7:03pm
The study found that the majority of hospitalized COVID-19 patients who suffered strokes had preexisting conditions that put them at higher risk for strokes to begin with.
07/27/20 10:54am
The dynamic and unpredictable nature of the virus creates an ever changing set of problems for the University to try and solve.
07/27/20 2:33am
Over 240 health professionals, including 11 Penn faculty members, have signed the letter, which was titled "Shut it Down, Start Over, Do it Right" and addressed to "America's decision makers."
07/27/20 1:23am
In order to limit the spread of COVID-19, visitors will be required to wear facial coverings and remain six feet away from those who are not in their household groups. 
07/26/20 1:11pm
Seeing my father suffer, cry, and fight the COVID-19 through a window is undoubtedly one of the most shocking memories I will have to carry with me forever.