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18 hours ago
University of Pittsburgh physician Mark S. Roberts and his team developed a model to evaluate the impacts of closing and reopening schools, offices, restaurants, and stores.
19 hours ago
Students report feeling tired from staring at their screens all day, and say their courses and coursework take more time and mental energy than they normally would in person.
22 hours ago
Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé wrote in an email to The Daily Pennsylvanian that the positivity rate uptick was driven mostly by three groups of students in shared community circles.
09/14/20 12:43am
While Bon Appétit workers will not receive pay this semester, the 113 dining workers directly employed by Penn are not furloughed and will continue to be paid for their typical 40-hour work week.
09/13/20 11:55pm
Penn has moved the coronavirus testing data to the COVID-19 Dashboard and is currently only reporting weekly positive results.
09/13/20 9:03pm
Grants may range from $100 to $1,000 and can cover expenses such as medical bills, technology repairs, winter and professional clothing, travel over school breaks, and graduate school exam fees.
09/11/20 12:11am
Dubé said the University will take a "data-driven approach" to testing asymptomatic individuals — essentially testing students based on various factors like location – throughout the rest of the semester.
09/10/20 11:53pm
Many students agreed that their social experience has been better than expected, citing opportunities to meet other first years through classes and virtual study groups.
09/10/20 12:06am
Students, overall, have found the access to Canvas pages useful in determining whether to enroll in classes, but not all classes' Canvas pages are available, as class material access is up to the discretion of the professor.
09/09/20 11:54pm
While some students said they find it more difficult to build connections with employers without meeting them in person, others said virtual recruitment alleviated the stress of on-campus recruitment and Penn's toxic, competitive recruitment culture. 
09/08/20 9:43pm
After the coronavirus derailed her senior season, Maura Kimmel will take her talents to South Bend, Ind. to throw for Notre Dame in the competitive ACC.
09/07/20 11:44pm
To alleviate the burden on candidates, the Nominations and Elections Committee reduced the number of signatures needed to appear on the ballot by 33% for each position.
09/07/20 11:31pm
Officials have pointed factors such as increased mobility and decreased compliance with mask mandates as driving the rise in projected cases and deaths in many states.
09/07/20 12:51am
The University will invite specific asymptomatic members of the Penn community, including students, faculty, and staff who are deemed have a higher exposure risk, to enroll in surveillance testing protocols once Penn has finalized the details of the program.
09/04/20 12:28am
While some fraternity members are living off-campus together, IFC fraternities plan to hold fall recruitment online with hopes for in-person rush this spring.
09/03/20 11:49pm
Nursing students used iHuman, an online nursing simulation, and listened to a free podcast called "Serial" in lieu of in-person clinical rotations this past spring and summer terms.
09/03/20 10:16pm
Temple's decision comes several weeks after other Philadelphia colleges, including Penn and Drexel University, decided to conduct the fall semester remotely.
09/02/20 11:01pm
First years praised the overall NSO experience despite its completely remote status. Some, however, encountered difficulties accessing certain events online and wished events allowed for more communication amongst students.
09/02/20 10:41pm
The shipping process will begin around mid-September and take several weeks to complete, Penn Business Services Director of Communications and External Relations Barbara Lea-Kruger wrote in an email to The Daily Pennsylvanian on Monday. 
09/02/20 6:58pm
If Penn's athletic teams had been able to play this fall, football and both soccer squads would have had a shot at some special seasons.