04/15/11 3:14am
Ruth Gruber, now 99 years old, discussed her time as a journalist reporting on fascism and Jewish persecution.
04/14/11 7:12am
Wednesday night, the Penn Humanities Forum hosted prominent puppetry scholars to discuss puppets of the past, present and future and their role on stage and on screen.
04/14/11 7:05am

U. self-defense classes underused

Though DPS is increasingly publicizing the Rape Aggression Defense program, only about 90 female students, faculty and staff per year currently take advantage of these free self defense classes.
04/14/11 6:30am

RecycleMania inspires sustainability efforts

Although Penn is unlikely to reach its goal in RecycleMania, ­the University will continue initiatives to increase recycling.
04/13/11 7:51am
With the popular uprisings currently going on in the Middle East, it may be easy to forget about conflicts that have been going on for decades.
04/13/11 7:14am
For 1 out of 110 children born today, it is as if “you are the only person in the world who is able to speak or understand English, and do not know any other languages.” That is how College senior Mike Gardner told his story to a small crowd at Smokey Joe's Tuesday.
04/13/11 6:31am
Photo exhibit 'Girl Culture,' which runs until July 31 at the Arthur Ross Gallery, portrays women affected by societal pressure, emphasizing the importance of discussing 'taboo' issues.
04/13/11 6:07am

For some, Penn fosters new religious environment

Adapting to a new way of life is a challenge that most college freshmen face, but for a large number of Penn students, the experience is marked by religion, or lack thereof.
04/12/11 8:21am
Free food, information boards and student projects on display attracted students to tables set up on College Green Monday for this year's College Palooza — a “carnival of liberal arts.”
04/12/11 8:05am
Penn had been Elizabeth Park’s dream school for years, but upon matriculating as a freshman, her sky-high expectations for college life came tumbling down as she fought severe depression.
04/12/11 7:56am
2009 MBA recipient Sean Cao spoke on the future of the pharmaceutical industry Monday night at Huntsman Hall.
04/11/11 8:40am
Moved from its original location on Franklin Field due to weather, the eighth annual Relay for Life ran successfully inside the Palestra, exceeding its goal of 1,500 participants.
04/11/11 8:06am
The second annual powwow hosted by Natives at Penn not only showcased Penn's progress in increasing awareness of American Indians, but also the long road ahead.
04/11/11 7:22am

ZTA returns to campus

This weekend, new members of Zeta Tau Alpha were initiated, and the Alpha Beta chapter of the sorority was recolonized at Penn.
04/11/11 6:11am

Penn Dining to revamp meal plans

Penn is slated to eliminate three of its 10 meal plans for the coming year, with the remaining plans renamed with acronyms to better reflect what students will receive.
04/11/11 5:58am

Students honored for contributions to campus diversity

Penn’s leaders in diversity were honored by the James Brister Society at a reception this Friday.
04/11/11 5:43am

Conference assesses changing face of microfinance

Penn Microfinance Club's weekend conference, entitled The New Face of Microfinance, consisted of several panels and two keynote speakers and focused on the new controversies and challenges that are arising in the Microfinance Model.
04/11/11 4:07am
As the thunderous sounds of drumbeats drew students to GreenFest in Houston Hall on Friday, they walked away with a T-shirt, an eco-friendly bottle of Coke and a new perspective on the environmental initiatives going on at Penn.
04/08/11 8:14am
About 200 students gathered on College Green Thursday to rally and march through campus for Take Back the Night, an annual event that aims to raise awareness about sexual assault.
04/08/11 7:43am

Relay for Life to raise cancer awareness

At the 12-hour annual event, survivors will share their stories and students will participate in the relay and events to raise funds.