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12/09/09 5:29am

Product Design students show off inventions

Students in Product Design course displayed their inventions in Houston Market yesterday afternoon.
12/09/09 2:41am

Wharton eMBA students cross state, international borders to attend weekend classes

Wharton eMBA students travel across state and country lines — sometimes even crossing the Pacific Ocean — to go to class on weekends.
12/04/09 6:48am
The XXY: This is Not Pornography exhibit explores the gender of the subjects — male, female and transgender — as well as the nature of nudity in art.
12/03/09 5:05am

Prof. Price discusses Vienna memories and U.S. dreams

Annenberg professor Monroe Price details his new books, which describes his experiences coming to the United States from Vienna in 1939.
12/03/09 2:17am

GSE launches competition on business of learning

“Penn is the scrappy Ivy,” according to Graduate School of Education Vice Dean Douglas Lynch. But as a result, Penn is also “a catalyst for innovation.”
11/27/09 1:53am

Wharton teaches leadership skills in Antarctica

Wharton Leadership Ventures provides experiential learning for MBA students, through trips to locales like Kilimanjaro and the British Virgin Islands.
11/24/09 5:25am

New tool may make plagiarism easier to detect

SafeAssign is a plagiarism detection tool that works within the Blackboard courseware system. Professors are in the process of testing the system through a pilot program. The tool will be put to use next semester.
11/24/09 2:57am

Senior Joshua Bennett wins Marshall Scholarship

College senior Joshua Bennett won the 2010 Marshall Scholarship, which pays for young Americans to study in the United Kingdom. Forty scholars are selected each year.
11/24/09 2:44am

'Sustainability 101' aims to improve Philly's green initiatives

With On-Campus Recruiting for next summer starting up, the word “internship” is on many students’ minds. But Mark Hughes’ new course “Sustainability 101” puts a very different spin on the word.
11/24/09 12:21am

No Rhodes scholars from Penn this year

This year, Penn produced no domestic Rhodes scholars this year. The scholarship is among the world’s most prestigious academic distinctions.
11/23/09 6:44am

Explaining study abroad gender gaps

Women study abroad in much higher numbers than men — and a new study may help explain why.
11/20/09 5:12am
Kathleen Hall Jamieson, one of Penn’s most eminent professors, was honored with three National Communication Association book awards in addition to an American Red Cross lifetime achievement award was last week.
11/20/09 4:06am

DAB takes undergraduate pulse with new survey

The College’s Dean’s Advisory Board issued a survey last week to gauge students’ satisfaction with their majors. Results of the survey will be issued to individual departments.
11/20/09 12:57am

Helping philanthropists get the biggest bang for their bucks

The School of Social Policy and Practice’s Center for High Impact Philanthropy is helping philanthropists get the biggest bang for their buck.
11/17/09 4:23am
According to a career plans survey report, 80.5 percent of the class of 2009 reported having jobs by the fall after graduation, compared to 86.5 percent the previous year.
11/17/09 12:00am

OCR can cause academics to fall to the wayside

The process of On-Campus Recruiting is extensive, from attending recruitment presentations and networking events to preparing for and going to interviews. As a result, OCR can cause many students to let academics fall by the wayside, even skipping classes for interviews.
11/13/09 3:11am

Water selected as next year's academic theme

What do evolution, the arts and water have in common? Nothing — and that’s precisely the point.
11/12/09 4:50am
Wednesday afternoon, political scientists voiced their thoughts on the President’s leadership over the past 372 days — his strengths, his weaknesses and the issues he has yet to address.
11/10/09 2:12am

Nursing School educates young mothers

They traveled there earlier this year as part of the U.S. Office of Minority Health’s “A Healthy Baby Begins With You” campaign.
11/06/09 4:34am

SEAS tries to sell computer science to high school girls

With females comprising 23 percent of Penn Computer Science students, the University has one of the highest percentages of women enrolled in Computer Science Engineering programs.