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05/27/19 3:43am
Robertson, a Wharton legal studies and business ethics professor, will replace current vice dean Lori Rosenkopf on July 1.
05/11/19 5:10pm
While students pursuing finance decreased over the years, the share of students working in the technology sector has doubled since 2011, jumping from 7% to 14%.
04/28/19 10:58pm
While University policy allows examinations to be postponed for religious observance and allows students to take make-up exams during the first week of the fall or spring semester, the exact details are left up to the faculty and students to decide, University Chaplain Charles Howard said.
04/24/19 10:08pm
Before Fall 2018, Penn Global Seminar program fees did not include travel expenses or meals, creating uncertainty regarding the actual cost of the program. 
04/23/19 2:39am
A plan to renovate DRL was scrapped in 2013 after administrators determined there was not enough funding.
04/09/19 9:39pm
The course will be taught by Byron Pedler Sherwood, a senior fellow in the Biology Department, and will be offered to students from all four undergraduate schools with no prerequisites. 
04/08/19 10:43pm
The project was a part of MGMT 203's “Swag Day,” in which teams of students have to bring in an item or experience they obtained for free. 
04/07/19 10:16am
Students in the class learn about classic epics from the West, such as "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey," and epics from the East, including "Gilgamesh" and "Ramayana."  
03/27/19 9:52pm
Sal Caputo, director of Facilities Management for Van Pelt, said that the renovation will include new carpeting, paint, soft furniture, and a rewiring of the electrical system.
03/27/19 8:13pm
Are you a student in the College looking to get more bang for your buck in your fall 2019 course load? Here's a list of all the classes next semester that will let you "double-count."
03/25/19 11:14pm
The partnership has allowed access to unique primary sources including original photographs, architectural drawings, and historical maps from Philadelphia.
03/19/19 11:51pm
Students currently enrolled said they appreciate the class for its practical life lessons and pragmatic approach to personal finance.
03/18/19 9:40pm
The initiative, now in its second year, helps students from underrepresented backgrounds earn a master's degree and prepare for fast-track admission to Penn’s mathematics Ph.D. program.
03/17/19 11:32pm
On Feb. 27, four students sent a petition to Penn administrators calling for solutions to the frequent ceiling leakages and pest infestations in the building.
03/17/19 9:31pm
Leprosy is an infectious disease that starts out as bacterial infection and affects the skin and the nerves. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 150 to 250 cases are reported in the United States each year.
03/15/19 2:54am
The program’s courses will be interdisciplinary and aim to teach students to become engaged citizens. 
03/01/19 2:01am
The letter, which was sent to Vice Dean for Finance and Administration Matthew Lane Wednesday, petitions Penn to resolve the persistent maintenance issues that students and faculty working in DRL have faced for years.
02/27/19 8:49pm
Business and education leaders stressed the importance of expanding education so more people can learn to use data analytics and become involved in the future economy. 
02/26/19 10:34pm
Students are currently able to major in mathematical economics, which has a significantly heavier mathematics course load and is four course units more than the traditional major. 
02/24/19 10:35pm
While SRFS scrapped their efforts to improve accessibility to work-study jobs, students continue to criticize the process of finding these positions.