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09/16/20 9:26pm
While the Chemistry department must endure the same budget cut as the other SAS departments, Chemistry Ph.D. students are typically supported by research grants from government agencies.
09/15/20 11:21pm
The partnership aims to develop new technical solutions for health care challenges including critical care, diabetes, mental health, and cardiology
09/15/20 12:36am
Designating a course on Penn InTouch as "asynchronous" removes its meeting times from students' schedules and allows students to register for another class offered in the same time slot.
09/14/20 1:13pm
Penn was surpassed by Stanford University and the University of Chicago this year, both of which share the No. 6 spot.
09/10/20 11:53pm
Many students agreed that their social experience has been better than expected, citing opportunities to meet other first years through classes and virtual study groups.
09/10/20 11:39pm
Penn English Ph.D. student Joseph Earl Thomas won the 2020 Chautauqua Janus Prize for “Reality Marble,” a memoir based on his childhood in Philadelphia.
09/10/20 12:06am
Students, overall, have found the access to Canvas pages useful in determining whether to enroll in classes, but not all classes' Canvas pages are available, as class material access is up to the discretion of the professor.
09/07/20 11:16pm
From Sept. 8 to Sept. 9, participants will refrain from teaching and administrative duties in efforts to focus on public teach-ins about police brutality and violence particularly against communities of color. 
09/07/20 12:39am
Emory University, the University of Pittsburgh, and California State University — the largest public university system in the United States — have all recently required students to take a class on ethnic studies and anti-racism.
09/03/20 11:49pm
Nursing students used iHuman, an online nursing simulation, and listened to a free podcast called "Serial" in lieu of in-person clinical rotations this past spring and summer terms.
09/02/20 11:47pm
The book, titled Philadelphia Battlefields: Disruptive Campaigns and Upset Elections in a Changing City, hit shelves in August.
08/27/20 11:34pm
The Virtual Shopping Period, which is from Sept. 1 to Sept. 15, will give undergraduate students access to all courses' Canvas pages as an "observer" to view any published material.
08/20/20 4:55pm
To help Penn's new students navigate this uniquely challenging semester, The Daily Pennsylvanian asked upperclassmen and professors for advice about how to succeed in college amid the coronavirus pandemic. 
08/20/20 1:17am
Students said some labs were difficult to follow given the absence of immediate help and feedback from a teaching assistant who would typically oversee the labs in person.
08/18/20 3:12pm
In early August, four Ivy League institutions backtracked on their initial plans for a hybrid fall semester and on-campus living.
08/08/20 1:05am
After attempting to register for two asynchronous classes scheduled to be held at coinciding times, students have said the College denied their requests to allow them to register for the classes and override the time conflict.  
08/05/20 2:05am
What exactly will the fall semester look like and how will Penn administer testing throughout the semester? The Daily Pennsylvanian has answers to all of those questions and more — here is everything you need to know about Penn's fall semester plan.
07/31/20 6:48pm
Friday's announcement comes as a shift from The Wharton School's initial plan for a hybrid fall semester. Newly appointed dean Erika James announced the MBA program change to students in a town hall meeting Friday morning. 
07/31/20 1:29pm
While colleges across the nation are reversing their fall plans, the University continues to stand by its initial hybrid instruction model. The vast majority of undergraduate fall classes will be held online, the statement read, with very few in-person offerings. 
07/29/20 12:37am
Some students are not satisfied with the University's preventative methods to reduce the spread of COVID-19, such as contact tracing, testing, and restrictions on social gatherings over 25 people.