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Previewing the Ivy League football landscape for 2021

(09/15/21 4:05am)

This fall, Penn football will be charging into an unfamiliar competitive environment, as the Ivy League learns to operate the circus that follows when a season is canceled: freshmen and sophomore athletes who are essentially rookies, "super seniors" in their fifth year of competition and most significantly, the effects of a long break on performances on the fields. Here's a preview of how the Ancient Eight schools hope to recover from the canceled season.

Editorial | Remember all the legacies of 9/11

(09/10/21 6:01am)

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, The Daily Pennsylvanian Editorial Board wrote in part, “In another 10 years, students at Penn will have no firsthand memory of that day, no recollection of the sorrow and solidarity that followed … It is for this next generation that we pause for remembrance on the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. We must leave them a record that conveys the momentousness of the event and imparts the lessons we’ve learned.” 

Matthew Liu | Dear first years, Penn is not as philanthropic as you think

(09/03/21 4:35am)

Penn has declared this upcoming academic year as the year of civic engagement, emphasizing a commitment to our surrounding communities, like West Philadelphia, and the rest of the world. Almost 200 organizations listed on Penn Clubs fall under the umbrella of community service; with such a prevalent culture surrounding civic engagement and specifically community service, it is very easy to want to participate in as many projects and initiatives as possible. I encourage you, of course, to tackle issues you care about and enjoy your volunteering experiences. However, over my time at Penn, I have discovered that much of Penn’s philanthropic culture, whether due to bad faith or inefficacy, is not what it initially seems.

Editorial | Penn reinstated its mask mandate. It’s up to students to make sure it’s successful

(08/09/21 12:57am)

On Thursday, Penn announced that all community members, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to wear masks in indoor spaces open to the public. This change reverses the University’s previous policy, which only recommended mask wearing, but did not formally require it. This masking policy does not have a designated end date, and comes as Philadelphia County sees “substantial” transmission from COVID-19. The CDC recommends that all people, regardless of vaccination status, wear masks in areas of “substantial” or “high” transmission. 

Matthew Liu | Beware riders, high ride sharing prices are here to stay

(08/05/21 3:46am)

Uber and Lyft have claimed that recent surges in prices in Philadelphia and across the country are a pandemic anomaly. Supposedly, there is a lack of drivers, and as the COVID-19 restrictions finally ease up, drivers will return, prices will bounce back to their normal, affordable prices, and they will stay that way. However, this is blatantly false, and all part of these ridesharing companies’ carefully curated plans to make a profit — at the expense of the American people.