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Titus Adkins | Dear Alec Ward, your freedom of speech is safe

(10/15/15 4:08am)

Alec, before I begin, I’d like to say that this is not an attack on you, but on your harmful and racist views. Your article last week struck me as very interesting as you touched on a topic that I am particularly passionate about. I hope that you don’t take this too hard ... or if you do, I honestly do not care.

Titus Adkins | There is nothing 'just' about being black, part I: History

(10/01/15 4:22am)

I have chosen to write on a subject that is far too large to tackle in a single column, so therefore I will be spreading out this topic over my next few articles. For the purpose for this column, I will use the term “black” to reference the descendants of those who came to America via trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Titus Adkins | The integration situation

(08/27/15 1:38am)

On college campuses these days, diversity is a coveted buzzword for the publicity of the respective institution. For the most part admissions staff and directors make a concerted effort to have each class be as diverse as possible, so long as the students reach the requirements or have the traits deemed worthy by the individual university. They believe — as do I — that diversity on campus will create a stronger think tank, if you will.