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Lucy Hu | Let a naturalized citizen be president

(02/24/19 5:24pm)

No one was born a Penn student. We all descended onto Locust Walk at different points in our lives, ready to embrace the Red and Blue. Bit by bit, we learned the meaning of being Penn kids. Some of us spend more time in Huntsman GSRs than in our Harnwell apartments. Many of us crave Wawa every Friday night at 3 am. For others, their Greek chapter represents their Penn experience.

Lucy Hu | Spending a semester at Cambridge made me love Penn’s pre-professionalism

(02/03/19 11:09pm)

After two years of learning at Penn — the oldest university in the United States — I began to wonder whether I should have instead applied to an entirely different set of selective universities: Oxbridge. To find out, I hopped off to the University of Cambridge for three short but enriching months on a study abroad program.

Lucy Hu | How to save our democracy in November

(10/25/18 11:55pm)

There is one thing that the Nominations and Elections Committee of Penn Student Government gets very right. If you want to run for Class Board or the Undergraduate Assembly, the NEC stipulates that no candidate can spend over $50 on their campaign. This ensures that elections are not about who has the most resources to disseminate their ideas, but the ideas themselves.

Lucy Hu | If money matters more than votes, is the United States a democracy?

(09/24/18 2:40am)

With Nov. 6 only six weeks away, candidates all over the country are vying for seats in their local offices and on Capitol Hill. Midterm elections will bring a sea of fresh faces, campaigning about their desire to represent you on a multitude of issues; but will they? Will they legislate for their constituents, or for their wallets?