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Your Voice | Letters to the editor

(02/26/10 8:18am)

Kristof will shed light on sex trafficking To the editor: If you’re looking to enter a $32-billion-a-year industry and make profits that amount to more than Nike, Starbucks and Google combined, the sex trafficking industry is your answer. Think this just happens in poor Southeast Asian countries? You’re wrong. It happens right here in America and right here in Philadelphia. We could tell you stories of rape, brutal abuse and young teenage girls being kidnapped from their own homes. We could tell you stories about the 2.2 million children sold into slavery every year or the approximately 300,000 American youth at risk for sexual exploitation. But, Nicholas Kristof could tell them better. Kristof has used his position as a New York Times columnist to shed light on some of the world’s most neglected yet important issues including human trafficking. He has spent time in 140 countries and devoted his career to the causes he is so passionate about. Kristof has been deemed the “reporters’ reporter” and the “moral conscience of our generation.” To hear his insight into human trafficking we encourage you to join us at Zellerbach Theatre on Monday, March 1st at 7 p.m. to learn more.

Your Voice | Letters to the Editor

(11/20/09 7:31am)

To the Editor: Ed Rendell, the governor of Pennsylvania, greeted the students of Penn with words of wisdom on the state of our economy, political future, and healthcare reform. I expected the evening to be dull and full of empty rhetoric, a round of “Yes we can,” and a goodbye to us all. However, I found trust in him. I entered believing politicians mirror my beliefs on rodent life: always dangerous and disgusting. With this in mind, I half expected him to be a slick car salesman pulling out grand phrases of hope and courage. In fact, it was a rare sighting of an honest politician, but an even rarer window into the politician who relaxes and speaks his mind. We questioned him on marijuana use, and he replied, “It has as much chance as legalizing prostitution.” I guess you could call it charm that made us trust him, but in less than an hour I became one of his avid supporters without ever having said a word.