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Never forget the attack on Pearl Harbor To the editor:

I sat down Monday, Dec. 7, 2009 to my copy of the DP to catch up on news around campus and Philadelphia, but also with the hopes of reading a few words which commemorated and gave thanks to the soldiers and sailors who fought for our freedom at Pearl Harbor 68 years ago. Instead I opened your paper that praised the then-winless Penn basketball teams and other superficial topics and was absent of a single word, let alone one of thanks, for the 2350 American men and women who died that day. Pearl Harbor was the Sept. 11 of our parents’ and grandparents’ era: an unprovoked attack that led to the U.S.’s involvement in a war that has affected every single person at this school, whether through a change in how the world interacts, emigration to unknown lands in the hopes of escaping persecution or even the death of loved ones. At the end of the day, I just hope that this chapter in our history and what those American servicemen went through is never lost or forgotten. James Calderwood The author is a Nursing and Wharton junior.

Higher turnout needed at hoops games To the editor:

An empty arena has become a familiar scene at Penn Basketball games the last few seasons. The team is not as good as it once was, but the games still mean something. Students and other fans must go to the games and put a little energy into college basketball’s most historic arena. Fan support can make a difference in a close game and it is an element of college basketball that this program desperately needs. Better days are ahead for the program. If anybody can turn it around, Jerome Allen can. The former Penn Great and current head coach understands how to make Penn basketball successful again. There is an entire Ivy League schedule to play and the team will be competitive in the league. There is also the fact that Penn has some Big 5 games left to play in the Palestra. Students from the other universities in the area have huge turnouts for games in the Palestra and Penn students should be able to outnumber them in our own building. In recent years this hasn’t been the case and it is time for a change. Show a little school spirit and give the team a home-court advantage. Jared Marks The author is a Wharton junior.

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