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Penn Med study links childhood trauma with clinical depression in patients

(04/10/19 12:45am)

Penn Medicine researchers established a link between childhood trauma and abnormal brain connectivity in patients with clinical depression in a recently published study. This is the first data–driven study to link changes in brain function to specific symptoms of clinical depression, according to Penn Med News. 

Yale and Columbia's student governments expand accessibility to free menstrual products

(02/13/19 12:52am)

Yale and Columbia Universities will now provide free menstrual products in locations across the campuses, as announced by their respective student council bodies. The council bodies’ decisions to make available these products follow those of other universities, including Harvard and Brown. 

Penn receives $1.84 million to study methods of decreasing cell phone usage while driving

(11/14/18 3:44am)

A multidisciplinary team from the University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia received $1.84 million in federal funds to study the effectiveness of attempts to curb cell phone usage while driving. It is one of the largest federally funded studies focused on this issue.