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Jessica Li | Limiting courseloads won’t solve Penn’s wellness problems — but it’s a start

(17 hours ago)

On Sept. 7, Provost Wendell Pritchett and Vice Provost for Education Beth Winkelstein sent out an email to all undergraduates, outlining the new extension for the pass/fail deadline and new limit on the number of courses a students can take in a semester. This semester, the pass/fail deadline is now Oct. 26, and students can take up to 7.5 c.u.s, with a hard limit of 5.5 c.u.s for advance registration.

Jessica Li | I don’t support the Harvard affirmative action lawsuit

(09/04/18 3:59am)

On Thursday, Aug. 30, the Justice Department supported students who are suing Harvard University over affirmative action policies, claiming that they discriminate against Asian-American applicants. In this Trump administration era, this is a major move against national affirmative action in colleges, threatening policies that have been in place in major private and public universities for decades.

Jessica Li | Diversity in media representation pays off

(08/21/18 9:59pm)

It’s been around one year since I wrote one of my first opinion columns for The Daily Pennsylvanian, sitting in my summer housing in Philadelphia — an article titled, “Growing up (wanting to be) white.” Kevin Kwan, the author of “Crazy Rich Asians,” shared my article on his Facebook page soon after, and my whole world stopped for a moment: Kevin Kwan is real, his book is real, this movie with an all-Asian cast is happening, and he shared my article. 

Guest Statement by Jessica Lim | Open letter to the Class of 2019 on why I'm running for president

(04/04/18 9:55pm)

My name is Jessica Lim and I am running for Class Board 2019 President. Having had the honor to be on Class Board 2019 and work with the amazing humans on Class Board, as the Vice President of Internal Affairs, the decision to run was difficult for me. It’s pretty terrifying to put yourself out there for the “popular vote,” especially at the end of junior year. I’m writing to share why I took that leap. 

Jessica Li | Combating 'toxic' masculinity

(02/16/18 1:00pm)

The word “masculinity” has a lot of connotations, conjuring up images of macho men, refusal to talk about feelings, and overall, the toxic perpetuation of gender norms and attitudes. However, in the midst of recent events inside and outside of Penn, from Wynn Commons to Aziz Ansari, we need to do more to unpack what this means and hear from one side of the conversation that is oddly silent — men.