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Social Media Posts

Between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, The Daily Pennsylvanian and its related publications are constantly sharing posts and engaging with a combined audience of over 90,000 followers.


Instagram post: $125 per post
Instagram story: $100 per story
Facebook post: $75 per post
Twitter post: $75 per post


Completed ads are due two business days in advance at noon.


Facebook: 1080 px x 1080 px or 1200 px x 630 px
Twitter: 1200 px x 1200 px or 1200 px x 675 px
Instagram Grid: 1080 px x 1080 px (only)
Instagram Story: 1080 px x 1920 px


All posts will be marked with “AD.” Captions, links, artwork due at deadline. Instagram grid posts will be visible for one month minimum. After one month, grid posts are subject to archiving.

Penn Connects

Link up to two of your social media accounts to our websites within a dedicated space on our homepage and article pages that will show a live feed of your social media posts. The Penn Connects feed has received over 6 million views. We provide monthly reporting showing total posts, views, shares, follows, and likes.

Rates: $125 per month

Deadline: Two business days in advance at noon.