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The Start-Up Circle 

The entrepreneurship journey can often be a long, arduous and lonely one. This podcast sits down with student start-up founders from the University of Pennsylvania ecosystem who are at various stages of building and growing their ventures. The aim of this podcast is to create awareness about the amazing ideas and projects that Penn students are working, highlight their journey's and struggles, and document their lessons for others who wish to venture into the start-up space.  

With hundreds of start-ups in Penn's ecosystem, we have an abundance of stories to tell, and a vibrant community of entrepreneurs who will be able to benefit from hearing the experiences of others who are going through similar challenges and pitfalls as they are. Learn the essential lessons from the experiences of our fellow entrepreneurs Penn here at "The Start-Up Circle".

In this episode, we speak to Sarah Tran (W'25) and 5x start-up founder, whose expertise lies in gaining traction and users for her ideas before they even launch! Sarah shares with us how student start-ups can attract and build their user base leading up to their launch date and how they can utilize their traction to accelerate their growth.

Hosted and edited by Harsha Ravindran. Podcast art by Harsha Ravindran. Music by Heerraa (@heerraaofficial on Instagram)

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