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From May 2024 to Aug. 2025, McClelland will be closed for renovations. Dining and package lockers will be relocated. Credit: Michelle Gong

McClelland Sushi & Market will relocate from its current location in the Quad during the second phase of Quad renovations.

The Quad is expected to undergo the next phase of renovations between May 2024 and August 2025, receiving new windows, lighting, flooring, and furniture as well as new music practice rooms, an updated seminar room, and an updated fitness center. During these months, McClelland will move from its current position in the Quad to 3724 Spruce Street — near the current location of Wawa.

“We know how popular McClelland Sushi & Market is and we felt we needed to continue to provide this café service to the students on the meal plan,” Director of Business Services Pamela Lampitt told The Daily Pennsylvanian.

Lampitt added that, while the new location will not change the dining hall’s current menu, the market will no longer be available. It will continue to offer sushi, rice bowls, and beverages.

“There won't be any other additional food items or anything of that sort of nature being sold there, because it's [a] very limited space,” Lampitt said.

The new location will also make ingredient delivery for the bowls and sushi easier, as the café will be able to access the loading dock at Stouffer College House.

Lampitt said that it is currently unclear whether McClelland's hours of operation will change in the new location, but that Penn Business Services is aiming to keep the hours as close to normal as possible.

Students shared mixed opinions about the relocation.

Wharton first year Jessica Rosales, who currently lives in the Quad, said that the relocation would help mitigate the crowds going to class.

“I personally think it would be better for foot traffic because trying to get into the Quad after class is almost impossible,” Rosales said. “It’ll be more convenient for upperclassmen to get to McClelland because now they don’t actually have to go in the Quad.”

In contrast, College first year Alan Ying — also living in the Quad — described the move as a “shame” because of the new location's relative inaccessibility.

“[McClelland] is the only dining place in the Quad, and I’ve relied on it a lot whenever I needed to grab something quick to eat or to just sit down and hang out with my friends,” Ying said.

College first year Zara Baig, who lives in Stouffer College House, similarly said that the relocation would be “inconvenient for Quad people,” but recognized that it may be beneficial for students living in other locations.”

“It might be more convenient for people who don’t live in Stouffer or Quad,” Baig said. “That being said, it would make finding time to eat between classes a little harder for me.”

Despite the change in location, McClelland will still only be available to students on a dining plan, as students will need a PennCard to gain access to the café.

This past summer, initial window, roof, and masonry repair work was completed on the McClelland building, and will be continued as part of the Quad renovations.