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Senior offensive lineman Trevor Radosevich (left) and sophomore offensive lineman Will Bergin (right) during the Homecoming game against Yale at Franklin Field on Oct. 22. Credit: Jesse Zhang

Many times it's the little things that go unnoticed on a team that are actually vital to success. For Penn football, its offensive linemen have been securing a tremendous role with a dependable record. They may not be the ones scoring the big touchdowns, but they have been just as much a key to the undefeated run the Quakers have been building so far. 

Senior offensive lineman Ben Hoitink credits much of their success not only to their competitive nature and ample preparation, but to the team culture that coach Kyle Metzler, fifth-year offensive line coach, has been instilling in the team.

“Our offense as a unit is pretty uptempo. We really stress running to the ball, running after the play, helping guys up after the play, lining up, and getting set," Hoitink said. "That's the culture that coach Metzler brought into this offense.”

Metzler spends much time scheming and game planning each week for each particular opponent.  

“We look at personnel to find problematic matchups, and schematically go over how to find matches that are a strength to our offense and try to attack the weaknesses of their defense," Metzler said.

But beyond the early-morning practices and wins claimed on the weekends, the offensive line has been emphasizing closer relationships outside of their sport. Senior Trevor Radosevich finds much value in the time they spend together as a unit off the field.

“We do o-line dinner, doing stuff outside of football," Radosevich said. "It's really nice to get everyone off campus and just sit down and have a meal and enjoy each others' company.” 

In being selfless yet bold to be at their best physical form for the sake of the team, while flying under the radar of headlines and wider recognition, the offensive line finds much encouragement from within the team.

“We know we’re not going to get our names called on the intercom, but we know that we’ll give each other the glory," sophomore Trevor Mayberry said. "Someone on the unit makes a nice block that someone in the stands might not see, we’ll be sure to give them that credit, because we have to be each other's biggest fans.” 

From the stands, the harmony within the Penn offensive line might go unnoticed, but clearly, the success of the Penn offense is proving true, and they are a big reason why.

“It's awesome to be able to look up from a block and be able to see your running back running down for a touchdown," Hoitink said. "It’s clear this unit is willing to put the 'we' before the 'me' and is ready to do whatever it takes to win."

“The morale and team energy are pretty high," Radosevich said. "It's been a long time since we’ve had a start like this. The important thing right now is to make sure that everyone is still focused and locked into the details, assignments, and executing."

The offensive line is hopeful that this momentum will continue to pave the way for Penn football as they head into this week to face off against their third Ivy League opponent, Brown. The Bears are 2-4 overall and looking to secure their first Ivy League victory of the season on Saturday, as Penn is looking to keep their undefeated season rolling.