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Do you find yourself overwhelmed in the middle of all of your midterms? Here’s a list of life-saving midterm study supplies that are helpful for everyone, whether they ease novice jitters or help facilitate already-practiced study routines.

1. Sharpie Clear View Highlighters: For marking that particularly riveting quote, these silky smooth highlighters will make writing even the loftiest of philosophy papers a piece of cake.

2. Post-It Flags: Coming in six colors, these are the perfect organizational tool to help mark pages or lines or even to arrange in colorful patterns on notebooks.

3. Oxford Ruled Index Cards: As many of us know, index cards are the go-to for everything from names, to dates, to definitions—a staple of the American classroom and a must have for all Penn students. 

4. Inspirational Classroom Posters: It’s 2 a.m. and you’ve just finished a five-hour-long study grind. Your eyes are droopy and your hand aches—you need some artsy inspiration. These posters are for just that. 

5. BIC Wite-Out Correction Tape: We all make mistakes…

6. Mr. Pen 15 Piece Compass Set: For everything math and science-related. Do you have trouble drawing a straight line or a perfect circle? Because I do.

7. Accordion Folder File Organizer: Keep your study documents in order with this colorful, convenient file organizer. Never misplace another paper again! 

8. Insertable Plastic Dividers: Binders can quickly get out of hand—rings get bent out of shape, and what were once organized bundles of papers become one ripped mess. With these dividers, you can keep your binders in check.

9. Paper Clips: Because we all need paper clips, so why not make them colorful?

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