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Credit: Carson Kahoe

Halloween is quickly approaching, so get ready and get your SPOOK on with these 6 delicious treats.

  1. Halloween-themed Lollipops: Who doesn’t love Halloween themed lollipops? Yeah, I thought so!

2. KIT KAT Halloween Chocolate Bars: KIT KATS are amazing, and they’re even MORE amazing when they’re Halloween-themed. Look at those ~spooky~ wrappings. 

3. Gummy Missing Body Parts: You HAVE to have gummy body parts in your halloween treat bowl. 

4. Haribo Halloween Sweet or Scary Mix: Sweet or scary gummies? You decide. 

5. Halloween-themed Peeps (Monsters, Ghosts, and Pumpkins): Bring these sweet childhood treats back into your life this Halloween!

6. Candy Corn: Never forget these gems. Never. 

Make sure to spread these tasty treats with everyone, and more importantly, have a ~spooky~ Halloween!

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