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These are the 5 best reasons to visit myDoc Urgent Care: 

1. Convenience 

Everything about myDoc Urgent Care is convenient. There are two myDoc Urgent Care locations; one in Center City, and another in University City. The University City office is located at 38th and Chestnut, which is only a five to ten-minute walk from most locations on campus. It’s open from 9 AM to 7 PM Monday through Friday and 10 AM to 3 PM on the weekend, so you can stop in whenever you have a free minute in your busy schedule. 

myDoc Urgent Care offers services in both English and Chinese, which is perfect for international or exchange students. 

Credit: DP Product Lab

2. myDoc Urgent Care accepts most insurance plans

myDoc Urgent Care accepts the majority of major insurance programs, including the Penn Student Insurance Plan, which is offered through Aetna Student Health. If you are unsure if your insurance is covered, stop into the myDoc Urgent Care office or give the reception a call, and an employee will be happy to walk you through your plan. 

If you’re on the Penn Student Insurance Plan, don’t hesitate to stop in myDoc Urgent Care if you’re not feeling well. The staff treats Penn students all the time. 

3. myDoc Urgent Care offers a wide array of services

Unlike most doctor offices, myDoc Urgent Care offers a wide array of patient services, all in one place. The urgent care center offers an on-site X-ray, lab, vaccination, and prescription services. It treats a wide variety of injuries in illnesses, from a runny nose to stitches or minor broken bones. Whether you need an X-ray, quick checkup, or vaccination, myDoc is the perfect place to go on short notice. 

You can get a PPD/TB Test, Drug Test, Sports Physical, or Driver’s License physical for only $35, which means your visit to myDoc won’t break the bank.

4. myDoc Urgent Care offers physicals and vaccinations

Did you forget to get your checkup or required vaccinations before you got to school? Take a quick walk over to myDoc and you can get a checkup or flu shot the same day. The process is much quicker and easier than making an appointment with your primary care physician, who usually requires an appointment months in advance. 

Make sure you stop into myDoc Urgent Care in the fall to get your flu shot! 

5. myDoc Urgent Care offers IV therapy treatments

The most unique aspect of myDoc Urgent Care is its IV treatment program, which consists of four different therapies: Enhance Wellness, Enhance Radiance, Enhance Performance, and Enhance Hangover Cure. While IV treatments are most widely known as a quick hangover cure, they’re certainly much more than that. 

According to JingJing Cai, the owner of myDoc Urgent Care, IV treatments have many positive effects on patients. Some treatments act as energy and immunity boosters, while others facilitate a quicker recovery from illness or a tough workout. The treatments are administered in a private, comfortable room at both myDoc Urgent Care locations in Center City and University City, and normally last between 20 and 45 minutes, depending on the treatment. 

Credit: DP Product Lab

Joseph Arias C’21 tried the Enhance Wellness treatment after a busy first week of classes. “I immediately felt energized and more awake after the treatment, it was definitely rejuvenating.” In the days following Arias’ treatment, he’s experienced a noticeable difference in his energy levels: “I feel like someone pressed a reset button on my body, it’s exactly what I needed!” 

Next time you need a quick checkup, vaccine, or aren’t quite feeling yourself, take a quick walk to myDoc Urgent Care for a one-stop shop for most of your medical needs for a fraction of the cost of visiting a doctor office. 

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