Polling stations across campus were abuzz with activity this primary election day.

Credit: Tiffany Pham , Tiffany Pham

White nationalists plan to set up shop at polling places all around the country — including Philadelphia — in an attempt to diminish and scare away black voters on Election Day. 

According to POLITICO, members of the "alt-right" movement, Ku Klux Klan and the American Freedom Party plan to join together on Nov. 8 at distinguished polling places in Philadelphia's "ghetto" areas with liquor and marijuana to deter black voters. 

Along with these small bribes, there will also be cameras set up to make sure no one breaks any voting rules. 

"If we see people voting in multiple locations the footage will be submitted to the [Federal Election Commission] as well as put out on social media to undermine the legitimacy of [Hillary] Clinton should she steal the election," a representative from a mail alt-right website, TheRightStuff.Biz, told POLITICO. 

But even more is being done to disrupt urban polling places. Former military and law enforcement members that tend to go out heavily armed in public, called the Oath Keepers, have been told to conduct their own surveillance operations at the polls, and others plan their own exit poll interviews with voters. 

Last month, Trump went off script in Philadelphia, calling on his supporters to monitor the polls themselves and they have clearly taken the message seriously. A member of a neo-Nazi website told POLITICO they are sending an alt-right army to the polls. The chairman of American Freedom Party explained that some members are only poll watching on behalf of the Trump campaign, not just for the party.

The Trump campaign has yet to comment on these plans, but a senior Trump adviser explained their plans to suppress the black vote last month to Bloomberg Businessweek, a report the campaign later publicly countered.

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