According to a Philadelphia Magazine article, Temple students will be able to enroll in "Marijuana 101" next semester. The course deals with a wide array of reefer-laden matters including: biological features, effects on the body, cultivation history, adoption into pop culture, public policy and its role in professional fields.

The course will be taught by Linn Washington, a professor at the Temple School of Media and Communication, and Chris Goldstein, who, according to the PhillyMag article, is a "local marijuana activist and writer." 

According to the article, Goldman found that “figuring out how to give people an overview…was tough,” but he hopes students will “not only…get a good sense of the subject, but there are some skills within it I hope to bring about, like data research and criminal justice investigation.”

Washington and Goldman are hoping for at least 50 students to enroll, but it's safe to say that numbers in Marijuana 101 may be a fair bit higher than that.

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