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Credit: Tiffany Pham , Tiffany Pham

In the days following the publication of the article, in which the plans to euthanize the red-eared sliders (Trachemys scripta elegans) at the BioPond were discussed, we heard from some thoughtful and concerned individuals who wanted to help us as we continued to search for alternative options for the turtles. As mentioned in the article, the plans were not yet final, and the Garden Committee and garden staff were continuing to investigate other options to rehouse these turtles in a safe, and secure area. We are now excited to announce that through a partnership with professor Scott McRobert, from St. Joseph’s University, we will be able to rehouse the turtles into new ponds in the tristate area. With Dr. McRobert’s assistance we have been able to identify new homes, and will be relocating the turtles as we drain the pond later this season to repair the aeration system. The turtles will all be moving to healthy artificial ponds that are not connected to, or near, natural water systems (to prevent them from escaping into the wild), and that are not already populated with native turtles. This was no easy task to relocate the estimated 75 turtles that currently are overpopulating the BioPond, and we are very grateful for all the hard work Dr. McRobert has been putting into this over the past couple of days.

We are extremely excited to be working with Dr. McRobert and his students, and we appreciate the community’s affection for the BioPond and the James G. Kaskey Memorial Park. The health and welfare of the plants and animals that call the garden their home is extremely important to us and our mission is to maintain Kaskey Park as a healthy and sustainable environment for the long-term.

Joshua Darfler

Greenhouse and Garden Manager