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The Daily Show With Trevor Noah will be filming at Penn’s Annenberg Center during the Democratic National Convention next week in July

Credit: Jennifer Morrow | Courtesy of WIkimedia Commons

The last time “The Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper was in town, he had his identity stolen at a bar.

Next week, when he arrives in Philadelphia to cover the Democratic National Convention for national television, he’s hoping for a better time. Jordan Klepper is one of seven correspondents reporting for “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.” Its cast and crew, currently in Cleveland, Ohio, for the Republican National Convention, will be traveling to Philadelphia next week — Annenberg Center Live on Penn’s campus, specifically — to cover the Democratic National Convention.

In anticipation for “The Daily Show”‘s tapings at the Annenberg Center next week, The Summer Pennsylvanian interviewed Klepper about his thoughts on covering two weeks of America’s craziest politics, “sticking a thermometer up the convention’s ass” and why the DNC doesn’t have ex-underwear models speaking instead of Bill Clinton.

The Summer Pennsylvanian: Have you ever been to Philadelphia? What is your impression of the city?

Klepper: The last time I was in Philadelphia I went to a dodgy bar, I used the ATM machine, and I had my identity stolen. If it goes slightly better than that, if I retain my identity on this trip, then it’s a huge success.

SP: What are you looking forward most to about taping the upcoming week of shows in Philadelphia?

Klepper: I can’t wait to see how this convention is going to play out. America’s gonna get two weeks of incredible reality television. You’re gonna get to see all the way from Antonio Sabato Jr, who is a former underwear model, to the President of the United States. I can’t wait to enjoy all that America has to offer.

SP: In a recent interview you said you were planning to “take the thermometer and stick it up the convention’s ass.” We would like to know, in detail, how you plan to do this at the DNC in the coming weeks.

Klepper: The best way in which to gauge the temperature of the populace, if you are going to do it through the posterior, is to get in there. You can’t dance around it. You go right to the people, the delegates, and you talk to them about what they care about. You talk to the people on the streets who are protesting, and you try to gauge the temperature. It might be a little bit dirty, it might be stinky and gross at times, but hopefully at the end you get a real feeling for what the people care about, and not just what the media outlets tell you they care about.

SP: What will your typical day in Philadelphia look like during the DNC?

Klepper: We’re going to be at the convention all week. We’ll be on the floor talking to delegates, and outside talking to protestors. We want to both hear what happens inside the arena but also the character of the city. What’s incredible about these events is it brings people to Philadelphia to air their grievances and to show their support. I think the benefit of a show of ours is we are able to have a bunch of correspondents out in the field talking to people. The energy of the city and the energy of the event is what we will be showcasing every night.

SP: What do you think will be the main difference between covering the RNC and the DNC?

Klepper: Only one convention has a former underwear model who was in a Janet Jackson video speaking on behalf of the candidate, and I think the Democrats are gonna see that and they’re gonna be jealous. They’re gonna be like, we blew this. We had an opportunity.

SP: What, for you, would be the definition of a great and successful week of Daily Show DNC coverage? What do you hope to accomplish?

Klepper: Our goal is to be a part of this process and hopefully bring a side of this gigantic event, bring a different perspective and illuminate something that maybe people didn’t know was happening. First of all, I want to get up close and dirty with the political process and see if it is as dysfunctional as it looks from the outside. I also want to hear in both places what is it that people really care about and are moved by with both of these candidates. It will be fascinating to hear that from the horse’s mouth.

SP: Great! Any last thoughts?

Klepper: We are super excited as an entire team to travel. The whole show picks up and moves to another city. It’s like one big sleepover in a brand new town. So it’s like you get to go to your best friend’s house but your best friend is the city of Philadelphia. I hope you guys are ready for us.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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