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The Daily Pennsylvanian created a quiz to test students' knowledge on the meaning behind many terms used on the Penn campus.

Credit: Luke Chen

Students often hear words like "Penn Compact 2020" and "SCUE," but do they actually know what they mean? The Daily Pennsylvanian quizzed five students on their knowledge of Penn lingo.

What is OAX?

  • Engineering freshman Ingemar Falcones: "I think it’s a frat."
  • Wharton and Engineering sophomore Chris Painter: "OAX is the sorority formerly known as A Chi O, who moved off campus and changed their name after an incident that occurred last semester. They have that whole branding thing with the oak tree."
  • Wharton and Engineering junior Karishma Tank: "A Chi O but off campus."
  • Wharton and Engineering junior Anna Yang: "It used to be A Chi O and went off campus."
  • College sophomore Jackson Price: "A Chi O off campus."

What is the UA?

  • Falcones: "Undergraduate Assembly."
  • Painter: "University Assembly — it’s kind of like a student council type thing, I’m assuming there are multiple people who represent each class."
  • Tank: "Undergraduate Assembly — they write legislation and stuff."
  • Yang: "University Assembly — they send out the emails about the buses and one recently about flu shots."
  • Price: "Undergraduate Assembly — kind of like a form of student government for each class."

What is Phi?

  • Falcones: "Definitely a frat."
  • Painter: "The fraternity formerly known Pi Kapp."
  • Tank: "The first thing that came to mind is Philomathean … "
  • Yang: "Pi Kapp off campus."
  • Price: "Pi Kapp."

What is the President’s Engagement Prize?

  • Falcones: "No idea."
  • Painter: "Something best known for banners on Locust Walk talking about it. If a student does something really great related to their coursework outside of class. Professors can also win it. Any undergrad can get it."
  • Tank: "Aren't those those grants that Amy Gutmann gives for people who do intense research?"
  • Yang: "No idea."
  • Price: "Money, grants for research?"

What is Penn Compact 2020?

  • Falcones: "The administration's mission and vision."
  • Painter: "I have no idea."
  • Tank: "Something related to the endowment."
  • Yang: "What?"
  • Price: "I have no idea."

What does CAPS stand for?

  • Falcones: "Center for something and psychological services."
  • Painter: "Counseling and psychological services."
  • Tank: "Counseling something peer services."
  • Yang: "Center for psychological services."
  • Price: "Penn's mental health services."

Who is Vincent Price?

  • Falcones: "I’ve heard the name on emails … "
  • Painter: "He sends the emails — VPUL."
  • Tank: "Provost of university life."
  • Yang: "No idea."
  • Price: "Provost (and some guy who claims he’s not my dad however many times I try to convince him.)"

What is HSOC? (health and societies major)

  • Falcones: "Health and something
  • Painter: "Health and human societies."
  • Tank: "Health and societies."
  • Yang: "I actually don’t know."
  • Price: "A class or a program about hospitals and health."

What is the NEC? (Nominations & Elections Committee)

  • Falcones: "Don't know."
  • Painter: "Nominations and elections committee."
  • Tank: "Election committee, I forget what the N stands for."
  • Yang: "Something and elections council — I don’t know what they do."
  • Price: "No idea."

What is SCUE? (Student Committee on Undergraduate Education)

  • Falcones: "Don't know."
  • Painter: "I thought it was the student credit union, but I’m pretty sure it’s not — student college undergraduate something?"
  • Tank: "Undergraduate education society — they do education-related stuff."
  • Yang: "No idea."
  • Price: "Kind of like SPEC?"
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