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I’m writing concerning Jason Tangson’s article, “Vivisect la Difference.” I found this article extremely offensive, appalling and honestly downright sickening at some points. It is unclear to me whether this was a poor attempt at satire, and if that is the case I’m disappointed in The Daily Pennsylvanian for publishing satirical articles instead of real news. Mr. Tangson made many offensive comments concerning people living in West Philadelphia, Penn Students and Philadelphians in general. To complain that we cannot coexist with people simply because our median income bracket is higher than theirs is a ridiculous assertion that I, as a Penn student, find offensive. Secondly, comparing a college with Israelites in Egypt was one of the most distasteful and disappointing things I have ever read. I personally never have felt the way Mr. Tangson seems to about West Philadelphia, and I know there are many more like me who are outraged by the editorial. I would like to conclude by expressing my anger that a newspaper that represents the university I attend would choose to publish something like this. It is not merely the offensive and distasteful viewpoints which were expressed, but the way Mr. Tangson expressed them. By insinuating that all students feel uncomfortable in West Philadelphia, Mr. Tangson misrepresented my views and opinions. I’m frustrated that The Daily Pennsylvanian would allow these views to be published, as I think opinions such as these are some of the main forces driving Penn and the community in West Philadelphia further apart. I’m frustrated that The Daily Pennsylvanian would use its position as a mouthpiece for the University to publish an opinion that could be so offensive. I hope moving forward more discretion can be shown and the DP can get back to reporting on real articles, not offensive opinions that pretend to speak for the entire student body.

William Shuldiner C‘17

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