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Lighten up everyone, they’re just lyrics. Harmless words. No one listens for the lyrics anyway. All we want is a dope beat so we can get freaky on the dance floor. Plus, even if you do care about the lyrics, some of them are actually quite clever. Here are some of my favorites:

“Money and liquor. Money and liquor. Money and liquor. Tyga Tyga” (“Money & Liquor”).

“I’m on my own shit. You don’t see my outfit. Bitch I’m ballin ballin ballin ballin ballin. B-B-bitch I’m the shit” (“Bitch I’m the Shit”).

“Metaphorically or Rhetoric and I’m shittin on your forehead 2 girls 1 cup…Yup” (“Bad Bitches”).

So not only are his lyrics catchy, they’re totally full of artistic merit. Maybe you don’t like his lyrics because you don’t understand them. When I hear the beautiful line “Got ya Grandma on my dick, ha ha!” I can’t help but be reminded of the politically poignant lyricism of John Lennon and Bob Dylan. Perhaps Tyga is offering biting commentary on the hypersexuality of hip-hop culture.

And with his line, “Shut the fuck up, start undressin,” maybe he’s bravely venturing into the rhetorical minefield of metonymy, addressing the complicated issue of misogyny with a simple evocative phrase.

And maybe his line “Treat her like a dog, called the bitch Lassy” is a self-referential defense of linguistic relativity, using a seemingly incongruous change in tense to demonstrate how language shapes thought.

Or maybe it’s just hate speech with a catchy beat.

But hey, no one listens for the lyrics anyway, so who cares?

I certainly don’t. And neither should Penn. And in the meantime, while I’m writing my essay about gender equality in the 21st century, maybe I’ll draw some inspiration from my absolute favorite Tyga lyric:

“Shut the fuck up and jump on this dick nothing but a motherfucking skank fuck what you talking bout and fuck what you think.”

Jason Fernandes is a College sophomore.

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