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Changing the signs in University City

To the Editor:

On Nov. 14, an editorial in The Daily Pennsylvanian mentioned that the Center City District is undertaking a trial run of new signage at SEPTA stations and recommended that University City District consider installing the same signage in this region of the City. We agree wholeheartedly and have been working closely with the Center City District in order to do so. We are currently seeking funding to bring the first phase of new transit signage to University City once the pilot program in Center City is complete.

Lewis Wendell The author is the executive director of the University City District In favor of late-night programming

To the Editor:

In the opinion column published in the DP ("NSO in the Nighttime," 11/19/2008), Christina Domenico asserts that "Freshmen want to go out and party." While I do not deny that many freshmen do want to party, the broad sweep of that assertion is, flatly, false. Social does not necessarily equal alcohol, and the many freshmen who don't find the classic Beige Block party all that fun deserve alternative options that cater to how they want to experience college. That's why the Undergraduate Assembly, the Provost's Office and UA Steering have taken on this late-night NSO programming initiative. The large group of new students who want to go out late at night but don't find the standard Penn party to be their cup of tea deserve their chance to have fun, just as much as our natural partiers. Moreover, in a broader sense we need to start the great engine of cultural change: start telling incoming students that you don't need to go off campus to have a great party; you don't need to be a great partier to have a good social life; and that the "Social Ivy" is, when it is social, not necessarily marinated in jungle juice.

Alec Webley The author is a College sophomore and the co-author of the Undergraduate Assembly's proposal

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