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Not that clever

To the Editor:

I am amazed, frankly, that Penn undergrads can't be more creative than singing "you suck" at opposing teams.

Way back when, we used to have clever buttons for large sports games, with sayings on them like, "The Tigers have mini-paws." That's funny, ironic and clever. Banning current students from the mind-numbing chant about "sucking" might minimize the perception that Penn students aren't so clever after all.

Fred Krieger College '72

Ridgewood, N.J. Finding a career

To the Editor:

In her opinion piece last Friday, Christina Domenico discussed the internship search and resources Career Services offers to all Penn students, highlighting our upcoming Spring Career Fair on Friday, Feb. 29.

While the internship search is on so many students' minds, I want to take the opportunity to mention iNet, a new internship consortium created and shared by the University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown, MIT, Northwestern, Rice, Stanford, NYU and Yale. This internship database has increased the number of high quality internships in a variety of industries and geographic locations available to all Penn students.

New listings will be added to iNet and PennLink throughout the semester. When you visit the Career Services website or our library in McNeil Building Suite 20, you'll find many resources to help you with your internship and job search including links to industry specific postings and several ways to build your network, such as the alumni career network, PACNet and the Penn Internship Network.

Our Online Subscriptions page gives you access to a wide range of internship opportunities across the United States and abroad. Because every student's career interests and future path are unique, we encourage all students from all schools to take the time to meet with a Career Services counselor so we can offer individualized advice to help you develop a plan for your career development and internship search.

Kelly Cleary Senior Associate Director for Career Services Study-abroad scam

To the Editor:

I agree with the editorial writer regarding the unjustified charge of full tuition for study abroad. First of all, I still can't get it through my head that a semester of tuition at Penn costs over $16,000.

I have no children, but I don't know if I could justify that expense when an adequate education can be achieved at a state institution for so much less.

As for study abroad, students should only have to pay the cost of classes at the foreign university. I matriculated directly at a university in Barcelona, Spain for my junior year and I think I paid all of $50 for the equivalent of seven courses at Penn. Because I was the child of a faculty member, the University covered that amount.

I have heard the rules have changed for faculty children, and that tuition at Penn is no longer fully covered. What a shame. From what I have experienced, most Universities in Europe cost very little for people taking classes, no matter his or her nationality. What a scam for the university to charge the exorbitant tuition and pocket the change.

Elizabeth Carr College '77

Bisbee, Arizona

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