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Jim Saksa You Sir, are an Idiot College Senior Jim Saksa is finally graduating, so this semester should be spent boozing heavily with his SigEp frat brothers. Instead, he'll spend countless nights writing inane drivel for the DP. Hopefully, you'll appreciate the sacrifices he's making. You Sir, are an Idiot appears on Mondays.

Zachary Noyce The Stormin' Mormon Let's face it. Zachary Noyce isn't the kind of person that you'll relate to at all. He is an excruciatingly boring old man masquerading as a Junior in the College. Having never consumed a drop of alcohol or a cup of coffee in his life, the Salt Lake City native will surely only write about issues like "Should the University allow men AND women both to use VanPelt Library?" The Stormin' Mormon appears on Mondays.


Elizabeth Song Striking a Chord College junior Elizabeth Song hails from Clemmons, NC, and shares a birthplace with America's favorite deep-fried wonder: Krispy Kreme donuts. Naturally, she enjoys all things achingly sweet like truffles or sappy Broadway muscials. Striking a Chord appears on Tuesdays.

Stephen Krewson Every Other Time Stephen Krewson hails from Schenectady, NY. Ever the humanist, he studies English and Creative Writing. Stephen enjoys old books and new clothes; good friends and bad pop songs; long walks and short bios. Every Other Time appears, well, every other week, on alternating Tuesdays.

Nicky Berman Philly-bustering Majoring in Political Science, Nicky is a senior from Boston, Mass. She'll be spending a decent portion of her last semester here making desperate attempts to convince you that politics actually do matter. Philly- Bustering appears on alternating Tuesdays.


David Kanter David Versus Goliath College freshman David Kanter hails from Cape Cod, and he informs us that some people actually do live there year-round. He is also quite confident that the Pats and the C's will secure the championship trifecta for Beantown. David Versus Goliath appears Wednesdays.

Mara Gordon Flash Gordon College senior Mara Gordon hails from Washington, DC, a "state" that votes over 90 percent Democratic -- so she couldn't help but be a liberal. Gordon is majoring in history and minoring in English, and enjoys exploring Philadelphia and cities around the world. Flash Gordon appears Wednesdays.


Simeon McMillan Common $ense Formerly known for his stock picking on the DP's blog, Wharton senior Simeon McMillan is on a mission. This Long Island native is out to prove his school is not the "Center for Children Who Can't Write Good". Check out Common $ense every Thursday and diversify your life.

Collin Beck The Dakota Kid Collin Beck is a senior from Minot, ND majoring in economics. He enjoys performing stand up comedy and wrote for the DP's blog, but decided to switch to print so people have the option of drawing mustaches on his face. The Dakota Kid appears alternating Thursdays.

Adam Goodman The Devil's Advocate A former editorial page editor, Adam Goodman is a College junior from San Diego majoring in Political Science and Jewish Studies. His hobbies include Halo 3, kosher food and Gossip Girl. The Devil's Advocate appears alternating Thursdays.


Christina Domenico The Undersized Undergrad Christina Domenico is that girl who will get carded until she's 30 years old. A College junior, she's often mistaken for a minor around the globe and grimaces each time she kindly explains that she is, in fact, over the age of 18. She practically lives on the beach in North Wildwood, NJ. The Undersized Undergrad appears on Fridays.

Lisa Zhu Zhu-ology Also representing the pungent state of New Jersey, Lisa Zhu is a College and Wharton junior with a penchant for compulsive cleaning and culinary experimentation. When she is not spending her time working on degrees in Urban Studies, Real Estate, and Entrepreneurship, Lisa has been known to moonlight as a Penn Transit bus with a "superman" complex. Zhu-ology appears on Fridays.

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