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Six months ago, three dedicated DPOSTMites walked across the stage at Franklin Field, collected their diplomas and dived headfirst into the big, bad working world. One headed to a secluded hole, where he spends 80 hours per week. Another has headed to the ice for his occupation. The third? Well, at the moment, he's a bit of a traveling minstrel in his quest for residence in the Philadelphia metro area. Dave "Airhead" Zeitlin, as he was dubbed on a road trip to Harvard for eating the tangy candy, has been crashing at a different house in the Philly area every night, as his search for a permanent residence continues. Mostly Zeitlin can be seen in West Philly these days, as he continues his journalistic prowess in West Chester, Pa. The dynamic duo of Kyle "Lara Loves Me" Bender and Jeremy "Dubes" Dubert have continued to speak despite the fact that Bender has sold his soul to corporate America. Some would say he even sold his soul to a more fearsome force. For one, Bender does. "I dance with the devil every day," the investment banker said. Dubes has no compassion for the Whartonite who once devoted an OPIM project to a Web site with pink hearts on it. In case you're wondering, his girlfriend owns a cat named Peaches. "I'm sure he whined to you about his long hours and horrible job over the phone because he does to me all the time," Dubes said. "I can only imagine." Dubes meanwhile has been doing a fair share of relations with the underworld on his own part, or at least Beezlebub's favorite team. "Tell Dubes sorry about the Yankees," Bender said. Dubes, a current intern for the NHL, has been enjoying himself with such perks as free tickets to games, even the Stanley Cup finals. Speaking of free tickets to games, thanks. We'd love 10. While driving home from covering a triple-overtime Bishop Shanahan-Milton soccer game, "Airhead" was a bit flustered with questions about such topics as the Yankees and bashing Princeton students. "I shouldn't be talking and driving," Zeitlin said. "I'm going to get in an accident -- get lost." And get lost he did. On the way back to his third living accommodation in the past week, a conversation with PrognostiQuaking HQ seemed to steer him awry. But not to worry Zeitlin fans. He will soon find a permanent living space, maybe even by the time this goes to press. The Quakers, on the other hand, will not get lost this weekend. In the tradition of "Lara Loves Me," the margin will resemble the number the Kamin Cup QB wore for his high school football team. Ah, the memories. Penn 70, Princeton 7

NamePrinceton at PennCornell at Dart.Brown at YaleHarvard at Col.
Kyle "Lara Loves Me" Bender Penn 63-0 Dart. 21-14 Yale 3-0 Harv. 35-27 Buck. 28-21
Jeremy "Dubes" Dubert Penn 65-2 Dart. 27-10 Yale 38-21 Harv. 28-21
Dave "Airhead" Zeitlin Penn 77-0 Dart. 7-6 Yale 35-24 Col. 28-27
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