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The Freshgrocer, located on the corner of 40th and Walnut streets, is dealing with mouse infestation problems, despite attempts at extermination. [Rachel Meyer/The Daily Pennsylvanian]

The Freshgrocer is suffering an infestation of mice, despite ongoing extermination efforts.

According to Freshgrocer management, the rodent problem is currently being addressed.

"We have an exterminator coming every night, and we are aware of the situation," said a Freshgrocer manager who declined to give a name or provide more information about the infestation.

Pat Burns, the owner and operator of Freshgrocer, did not return repeated calls for comment.

Located at 40th and Walnut streets, the grocery store opened in spring 2001 as part of a wider University effort to revitalize 40th Street.

The store's clientele includes both community residents and students -- and members of both groups are concerned about the mice.

"That's gross if there are mice in the grocery store," Drexel University freshman Ed Christof said.

Also tight-lipped, workers at Sitar India and McDonald's -- both neighboring establishments to Freshgrocer -- would not comment on whether mice were problematic in their venues as well.

Student reaction to the mouse infestation varied from ambivalence to concern for the mice themselves.

"I haven't noticed them, but I haven't been looking," College freshman Lily Stone said. "I'm not bothered by mice, and I think they're everywhere."

Also saying she was not troubled by the mice, West Philadelphia resident Morgan Ray Denning said she was instead worried about the approach the market might take to rid itself of the rodents.

"The biggest concern I have is that I hope they're not killing them or poisoning them," Ray Denning said, noting that she hopes the store will use glue traps or other non-fatal pest control measures.

"It's not the mice's fault," she said.

Others were more indifferent about the infestation and said that it did not affect their opinions of Freshgrocer.

"It adds character," Drexel freshman Frank Piselli said of the infestation.

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