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Spring break -- what can I say? Soon, the sun will be a permanent fixture in the sky, the flowers will be blossoming and the squirrels will be taking over campus once again. I am looking forward to Spring Break as a time for rest, relaxation and spiritual rejuvenation. After the stress of a few midterms and papers, I say it is time for a well-deserved break. Many people have different ways of accomplishing those goals but no matter what you do to prepare for the second half of the semester, definitely do something you enjoy. This year, I'll be spending my moments of rejuvenation in sunny Florida. While I'm on the beach taking in the rays, some students will be enjoying their break a little differently. They will be doing some extensive traveling to see family and friends. This is always a nice way to unwind from a busy exam schedule and catch up on what the rest of the world has been doing while you had your nose in a book. Many people will be shopping and catching up on all the gossip of their hometown. Others will be spending quality time with little brothers and sisters, disposing of invaluable college and life experience. Still, some will probably take mini-vacations with their families to make new memories. Other people will be staying in and around Philadelphia this Spring Break. Many of our dedicated athletes will be practicing for big games and tournaments that will be coming up once we return. (A special kudos to our women's basketball team who will not only be practicing their game, but also their victory smiles as they embark on sweeping the NCAA the way they did the Ivy League championship. Great job, ladies.) Other students will be here on campus because they live a great distance from home. To those students, I say, don't be grim at all. I guarantee you, some of those people who are going to see there families would much rather prefer to be here with you. Take this time to learn something new about Philadelphia or surrounding cities. Do some homework and meet some people that you never would have met if you had not been here over break together. And for those of us who haven't started this the semester with the academic bang that we anticipated, this is the time to regroup, study and come back ready to ace your finals. Everyone has had one of those semesters where everything is happening all at once and you can't seem to stop your head from spinning long enough to take a look at a book. Take this time to rest from the hectic schedule and reorganize your academic life. Believe it or not, finals are just around the corner when we get back. Some of my friends are embarking on a very noteworthy project this spring break. They are working for Habitat for Humanity. Like many others who are interested in community service, they thought this would be a great way to make use of their time. They enjoy the beach as much as the next person, but they figured they could pass on driving a four-by-four for a week and pick up a two-by-four to help build a house. I think this is an admirable way to re-evaluate one's perspective of life. Often times, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of school and work that we don't stop and think about how we fit into the big picture of life. My friends have decided that this spring break they won't just be a part of the big picture, but that they will help to paint it. As for me, I will be hanging out in the sun, mostly likely on the beach, with close friends and family. Hopefully, I'll do a little traveling throughout the state and catch some of my friends in Daytona and Orlando. Whatever you do over break doesn't matter. So long as you have enjoyed yourself, had a little rest, and come back ready to conquer Penn's rigorous academics. Well, I'm off to Florida. As a part of the start of your official holiday, I bid you all a restful and exciting spring break.

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