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Summary for new animated sitcom -- The Clintons: ÿ Scene: Chappaqua, N.Y. Homer Clinton has just arrived at home from a tough day at the office in Harlem. Marge Clinton is back from Washington where she is a senator for New York. Homer Clinton: Marge, I'm home! Brought back some McDonald's (along with the window girl) for dinner! Marge Clinton: Homey, look at all these new gifts we just got. Our neighbors bought us everything we've ever wanted but could never afford. Plates, televisions, cars, planes. Sylvester Stallone brought us boxing gloves. Homer: Did he bring body pads? [Eyes the dog] Marge, Buddy soiled the rug again. Marge: I wouldn't yell at him. He's your only friend. Homer: That's OK. I'll throw the rug out. We have 50 of them from that other house. Marge: I'm baking cookies. Run to the store and get me some stuff to make the pan slick. Homer: Slick! He he he! Slick! He he he he! Slick! Marge: Shut up! I hear that. By the way, I stole your Rolodex. If anyone asks, you willingly gave it to me. Homer: Don't you have somewhere to be? Go write your book. Run for president or something. [Homer grabs Lisa's saxophone and belts a couple notes from "Hail to the Chief."] Marge: Bill, New York is my home too. [Quietly] I am a New York state resident. (Again, with conviction) I am a New York State resident! In fact, I have tickets to tonight's Nets game. Homer: The Nets are in New Jersey. You're only allowed to represent one state at a time. Marge: Every electoral vote counts. Plus, New Jersey is shaped like Israel. Homer: Don't you need to get to the game? Marge: I'll drive fast. After spending time with you, I'll have great road rage. Homer: More like power rage. Marge: You're just jealous because I have a job and you don't. Homer: Where did you put my cigars? Marge: They were wet., so I threw them out. Homer: That's how I like them. (Biting his lip) Where did that window girl go? French fries will do just fine. Marge: I want more money. Homer: I just had lunch with Denise Rich today. Marge: I don't see why you spend so much time with her. She's always falling out of her shirt, those glittery short skirts and all that makeup. Homer: She's perfect! Now that's a real conflict of interest when I pardoned her hubby to come back home. Marge: I want more table china from D.C. Homer : I spoke with Al yesterday. Marge: I want more votes in the senate. Homer: Maybe Al will be my presidential museum curator. But that might hurt attendance. Marge: I want more. Homer: I don't listen to you anymore. [Pausing, suddenly gives a thumbs up. Walks over and grabs Marge's hand and thrusts it high in the air.] I have humbly served the American people for eight years! Marge: Cut the crap. Your gig is up. [Then, she forcefully grabs his hand and forces it in the air.] I thank you for the nomination of the Democratic... Homer: He he he! Dream on, girl. There's only room for one president in this family. Marge: [Giggles] Oh Homey, we really were a good team. Homer: [Sighs] In the end, Marge, you and I are two peas in the same pod.

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