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To the Editor: After reading 34th Street's feature article last week ("Sex, money -- Am I forgetting anything? Penn women come clean about what they're looking for in a man" 2/15/01), I was taken aback. I am curious to know the Penn women to which the author was referring. Last time I checked, a sample size of three was not a license to generalize, nor does the article's pseudo-disclaimer that "the research methods were hardly scientific" mitigate the fact that the article only helped to further stereotypes and generalizations that women have to battle daily of being classified as "gold diggers" or "sluts." "Buy me an expensive dinner and lay me well" is not my philosophy towards the opposite sex, nor do I think that it is characteristic of most women. Yet the tone of this piece argues that it is. Furthermore, the article actually made light of the diversity of women's wants by stating that the senior who suggested it was "no doubt a future politician." In my opinion and experience, women are all too much classified and identified as women. Sure, I have a gender but that doesn't mean that I want to be defined by it. Being a woman should not disable one from paying for herself or even picking up the check. And certainly, feel free to vocalize and fulfill your sexual desires. Let's just move away from these ideas of "what women want" and think more along the lines of women being individuals. For the small portion of their lives that women spend reproducing, society seems only capable of focusing on those qualities and body parts.

Jacquelyn Rogozinski College '03

To the Editor: This past Saturday, the men's club ice hockey team completed its season, losing in the semi-finals of the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Hockey Association playoffs by a score of 2-3 to Rider University. The loss capped a successful season which saw the skating Quakers go 15-9-0, including the upsets of three teams headed to the club hockey national championships in Indiana. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many faithful supporters of Penn Hockey who were by our side throughout the regular season. These individuals' cheers and support echoed through the rafters of the Class of 1923 Ice Rink, making home advantage a reality. Especially memorable were the rowdy crowds present for an 11-2 waxing of Ivy rival Princeton, and our last home game of the year, a 6-4 victory versus national bound New York University. Next year, we hope to see the student support for men's ice hockey increase once again and evenings at the Class of 1923 Ice Rink become as exciting as those at the Palastra. Be sure to check out some of the top college hockey in Philadelphia as the men's ice hockey team looks to bring home another championship.

Whit Matthews College '02

The writer is president of the men's club ice hockey team.

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