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May have been connected to seven incidentsMay have been connected to seven incidentsof masturbation in front of campus windows Several University students have found themselves in a particularly sticky situation while walking around campus. The University of Pennsylvania Police officers have apprehended a suspect they believe has been masturbating in front of windows, occasionally ejaculating on unsuspecting victims below. He has since been referred to the Sex Crimes Unit of the Philadelphia Police, according to Director of Police Operations Maureen Rush, who explained that this is typical procedure in indecent exposure cases. He has not been charged, she added. The district attorney is currently investigating the case. In total, there have been seven reported cases, mostly taking place in or around the McNeil Building, although the most recent incident occurred in the Stiteler Building. Rush said these incidents "appear to be related." The culprit has been described as a white male, 25 to 30 years of age, approximately 5'11", and clean-cut with a medium complexion and build, according to Rush. Most complainants have been asian-american females, she added. Rush said there is no apparent trend to the incidents, which have occurred at four o'clock in the afternoon, as well as eleven o'clock at night. "Every time he does this he changes his method," Rush said. "He's pretty good that way." She added that since the perpetrator has apparently been performing from a window, the physical threat level is low. "But it is still startling people," she said. The suspect was brought into custody Monday night when a woman ran to an emergency phone after being hit. She gave a really good description of the man and told police which way he fled, Rush said. Penn Police chased him on foot and made an arrest. Rush added that depending on the number of incidents the assailant is convicted of, he could potentially serve time in jail. But the judge and the DA ultimately determine the sentence. Summer Pennsylvanian reporter Kate Khatib contributed to this story.

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