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Twenty-five students protesting the beginning of the ground war "died" Saturday night -- twice. After congregating on College Green, Penn for Peace members discussed ways to protest the start of the allied invastion and decided to call students' attention to the loss of life it will cause. After showing their PENNcards to enter the library, the protestors spread out across the room. College sophomore Chris Travis announced to the students who were busily studying that "this is what war is about." After Travis whistled and gave a brief speech, the protestors fell to the ground. Students in the library, however, were not receptive to the event. "It angered me," College sophomore Nauman Shah said. "Especially disturbing people who are trying to study." "I was shocked, I was concentrating so much on my studying and they came," said Temple University graduate student Eunjung Ryo, who was also studying in Rosengarten. Penn for Peace members, however, said their work is important for the University community. "We have to show people what's going on," College junior Dennis Johnston said. After "dying" in the library, the protestors marched down Locust Walk to Superblock, where they chanted peace slogans and urged people to either, "Sign up [to fight] or shut-up." Students in High Rise South threw two eggs at the protestors, both of which missed the marchers. They later shot a rock with a slingshot at one protestor who was hit, but no injuries were reported. Near High Rise East the students hosted another "die-in" similar to the one in Rosengarten. College senior Laura Diamond, who witnessed the second "die-in," said she was happy to see the protestors calling attention to the ground war. "I think it's great," Diamond said. "It shows the human aspects that are attached to the issue." The protestors later went to the Quadrangle where many entered without showing identification, ignoring the security guard. The protestors marched through Upper Quad and soon met opposition from a few students and others yelling from the windows of dormitories. College sophomore John Held, while waving an American flag, yelled back at the protestors' chants, saying they did not understand the issues. "They don't know what the hell they're talking about," Held said. "They'll give their blood for an animal, but not for the massacre of the Kuwaitis." Once the students entered the Baby Quad, University Police officers told the students they had to leave the Quad, because they did not show proper identification to enter. "I have no problem with what you are doing," Officer Hugh McBreen said. "But you must show I.D." The protestors left the Quad and returned to College Green, where they wrapped the statue of Benjamin Franklin in a banner that read "Peace." The protestors walked up Locust Walk again and chanted at the Alumni Building and a fraternity party. They continued up the Walk until they reached Steinberg-Dietrich Hall where they decided to conclude the protest. Group officials said that the protest was not officially sponsored by Penn for Peace, but was rather a spontaneous rally by its members. Penn for Peace will be formally organizing a protest today at noon on College Green.

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