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Following lengthy debate last night, the Social Planning and Events Committee voted to accept group's first bylaws, but did not discuss a proposal calling for a permanent SPEC committee to address minority concerns. The proposal, sponsored by United Minority Council Chairperson Nalini Samuel, calls for SPEC to establish a "minority concerns committee" which would serve as a liaison between SPEC and the minority community. The committee would also publicize SPEC events, vacancies and elections to minority students on campus. The report also stipulates that members of the minority committee attend SPEC meetings to "insure minority interests are well represented." Last night was the second meeting at which the vote on minority representation was postponed. Connaissance Chairperson Emily Nichols said last night that she is disappointed that SPEC did not reach a decision on the UMC proposal and that because of the delay, events are being planned without adequate minority representation. "I am frustrated by the fact that minority concerns have not yet been addressed," Nichols said. "I have been assured that the UMC proposal will be voted at the next SPEC meeting next month. But a lot of planning has already occurred for most of the major events during the first semester and these events have been planned without adequate regard for minority concerns." SPEC Chairperson Varsha Rao said last night that although the committee needs to address minority concerns, the bylaws were were the most pressing item on the agenda and that the extensive debate was needed. "I think that all the decisions we make are for the long-term goal of SPEC and we need to accurately and carefully form policy for the long-run," Rao said. "It was crucial to pass the bylaws in order to operate SPEC on a day-to-day basis, but I would like to see the minority issue resolved as soon as possible." Spring Fling Committee Chairperson Todd Fructerman said last night that his committee has suspended some Fling planning until the UMC proposal is discussed so that events can be scheduled that appeal to the entire campus community. "Tabling the UMC proposal has not affected the underlying planning of Spring Fling," Fructerman said. "But we are waiting for SPEC, as an organization, to decide how it will handle the minority issue before we attempt to make any further plans." In other business, the SPEC Concerts Committee reported that they have scheduled saxophone player Branford Marsalis to perform during the Jazz Festival in early November. Later that month, the Waterboys are scheduled to perform in Irvine Auditorium. The Cafe Committee announced that Handel's Mug will start its second year in the Houston Hall Bowl Room Wednesday and will feature a coffeehouse atmosphere and live music.

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