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Kurt Mitman | Roads to Rhodes

After talking to Shipman, I have gleaned that the preparation offered by CURF is on par with what I received at Virginia — and Virginia has produced more than two and a half times the number of Rhodes Scholars than Penn has.

Kurt Mitman | Trolls R Us

The DP should be more active in curating the comments section. When the author is directly attacked, or if the commenter goes off on some tangent unrelated to the topic of the article, the comment should be removed.

Kurt Mitman | In government we trust?

More than an eighth of the undergraduates at Penn are international students and a significant fraction of the faculty is also foreign, meaning that under FISA, the government can track all their communications.

Kurt Mitman | Internalize this

Fundamentally, should the government be funding research at Penn or in general? The private sector is great at applied research — it is easily monetizable. Basic research? Not so much.

Kurt Mitman | Spring forward, fall flat

Economist William Shughart II estimated that daylight savings costs the United States approximately $1.7 billion a year. He arrived at that figure by calculating the opportunity cost of our time and the total amount of time it takes to adjust all of our clocks twice a year.

Kurt Mitman | Spend away

There is little evidence that disparity in spending has a big impact on outcomes. Research into the effect has found a modest positive link between disparity in spending and vote outcome. However, one of the confounding problems is that popular and well-organized candidates are probably more likely to win.

Kurt Mitman | Guess who should come to dinner

Since high school, college and graduate school graduation rates are lower for minorities than for whites in the United States, by the time you get to the top, there will be a much larger disparity in representation than in the population in general.

Kurt Mitman | Pro reforma

If the Supreme Court upholds the Appellate Court’s ruling, it will restrict executive power and create a legal mess at the NLRB and most likely at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, whose director, Richard Corday, was also appointed during a pro forma session. The Supreme Court should, however, uphold the lower court’s decision.

Kurt Mitman | Abort Roe v. Wade

Medical evidence seems to suggest that after about nine weeks, the probability of miscarriage drops significantly. This is the logical point to draw the line where human intervention is allowed.

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