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Student arrested in DreamActivist PA protest

Rising College sophomore Sheila Quintana and two others were arrested on Wednesday, June 28 during a DreamActivist PA demonstration against the Montgomery County Correctional Facility in Norristown, Pa.

Penn community addresses race issues at film screening

The screening of Traces of the Trade sparked spirited conversation on the subject of race. Houston Hall’s Bodek Lounge promptly filled up Tuesday afternoon with over 150 people — students, faculty and local residents alike — ready to discuss the issue of race.

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    Groundhog Day

    For the Brown Bears, Saturday played out like a movie. The gritty underdog with just one conference win came in, fell behind early and rallied to win on an overtime field goal.

    For Penn, it was a Hollywood ending as well.

    The agony of defeat

    The big game on campus today -- the only game, in fact -- was the Penn tennis team's playoff match against Brown to determine which of the Ivy League's co-champions would get an automatic berth to the NCAA Tournament.

    Unlucky 13

    There's a chance the Ivy League's Lou Gehrig division could end up like last year's NL West nearly did: with a champion with a losing record.

    Believe it

    After a month of rumors and speculation, I'm ready to say the dust has settled: Temple has a new basketball coach and Penn will have to find one.

    I don't have any of the gory details, and Fran Dunphy may not yet have signed on the dotted line with the Owls, but this is a done deal.

    Who to root for (Day 11)

    Selection Sunday is here and Penn is all but locked into a No. 15 seed. That is because there have been a dearth of upsets in many of these mid-major conference tournaments this year.

    An eye on Cincinnati

    I admit that I'm not the RPI guru that David is, but I will be paying close attention to the Atlantic 10 Tournament when it gets underway Wednesday at the U.S.

    Penn-Cornell game updates

    ITHACA, N.Y. -- Penn (15-7, 7-1 Ivy) at Cornell (10-13, 5-4).

    Follow the action from Cornell's Newman arena on The Buzz!

    Elsewhere, Columbia pulled off another shocker, knocking off Princeton on a buzzer-beater, 65-64.

    A bench opinion

    In the tradition of the Supreme Court, which has been in the news so much lately, I'm going to concur in part and dissent in part with Jeff's post below.

    I concur that the attendance (3,817) was lousy, and that tonight's will be higher.

    "The plan is to do it."

    That was the statement on the question of streamers from the Big 5 this evening at the truly extraordinary Big 5 50th Anniversary banquet.

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