From the other side of the floor


In reply to Jeff Shafer's post below, I would start by saying that Fran Dunphy was no shrinking violet himself. As classy as Dunphy was, he could curse a blue streak quite easily. His predecessor at Temple, John Chaney, even said so himself when Dunphy was introduced as the Owls' new coach.

We didn't hear it most of the time because the crowd noise in the Palestra is such that whatever Dunphy says gets swallowed up before the sound can get across the court, or even to the part of press row where DP writers usually sit. But I distinctly remember hearing Dunphy in full and rancorous voice when Penn played at Illinois-Chicago over Winter Break in 2005.

And I would note something Miller said in the statement put out by Penn Athletics this evening (as an aside, I'm impressed and quite surprised that the full release came out tonight instead of after the press conference tomorrow):

"I have always enjoyed bringing my teams to play at the Palestra, and I look forward to enjoying the home court advantage that the Palestra affords our team," he said.

Whether or not Miller has changed all that much since that famous tirade, I think it's fair to say he knows of what he speaks.

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