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Students plan to form student group on economic diversity

A student group may be formed by March that will serve as a forum for the discussion of the representation of different socioeconomic classes at Penn. Data on the 2008-09 academic year showed that Penn placed below peer schools with respect to its proportion of low-income students.

Q&A with Michelle Leong

Engineering junior Michelle Leong was recently elected chair of the Asian Pacific Student Coalition. Leong will lead the Asian umbrella group for the next calendar year.

Medical Emergency Response Team kicks off Collegiate EMS Week

This week is Collegiate EMS Week, which kicked off on Monday with National Collegiate CPR Day. MERT members handed out flyers on Locust Walk “to encourage people to take our CPR class and become certified,” College senior and MERT Community Outreach officer Kendra Hypolite said.

Q&A with Meeta Kumar

After long-time Director June Chu departed from the Pan-Asian American Community House, the Asian American umbrella organization has named Meeta Kumar the interim director of the organization.

Thai floods displace Penn families

Flood waters that have been rising in Bangkok, Thailand, since July have displaced family members of Penn students. The Thai student association PennThai has been fundraising to aid those affected.

Penn athletes pledge to tackle homophobia

Last week, Penn Athletes and Allies Tackling Homophobia and Heterosexism introduced the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network Sports Project Challenge Team Respect Pledge to the Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

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